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FUTURE FEATURE REQUEST'S - For apps (iOS and Android)

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    It would be really nice that we could have a list view (as it is on a pc), and we can choose it from the menu where we find disruptions and bookmarks.


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      I'm a paramotor pilot and I fly mostly in uncontrolled air space without a radio as this is not mandatory in my country. The traffic we get in my area is quite low but there is some. For some reason quite a bit more helicopter activity lately which makes me uneasy. With a fabric wing you don't want to be anywhere near these things The wake turbulence can extend quite long and last long too.

      This got me thinkin that Flightradar could be used as a good addition for safety in paramotors and paragliders. Basically what I'm thinking is having the option to get alerts if there are ANY aircraft are near your position (lets say in radius of 60 miles). Of course it would be nice to select a radios of your choice. Most paramotor pilots already use their phone during flights, for tracking, photos or music, so having flightradar tell you about near by traffic would be really good.

      Who knows, maybe there are fixed wing pilots or plane spotter that would appreciate this option too.

      All the info is already there, so I'm thinking its not hard to implement.

      As far as I know, now alerts can only be set by knowing the flight number.​


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        It would be awesome to have identical filter options for 'aircraft' in the browser and the app version. Currently there is a option to filter for two letter/digit ICAO type codes in the browser version but not in the app version.

        For example:
        • it is possible to set a filter for ICAO code 'C2' in the browser and this works pretty fine
        • in the app version I have to set at least three letters/digits to set up a working filter option
          • -> 'C2' can't be set, only the listed option 'C208' is available
          • current configuration does not allow filtering for 'C2' aircraft on the mobile version (and other two letter/digit codes as well)

        Tested on the current browser version and Android app version Flightradar24 v9.11.2 (Data sharer / Business)


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          I would like to be able to bookmark aircraft from the aircraft information screen. It is possible to do this from the flight information screen, but not from the aircraft info



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            Now that many airlines are offering (often free) Wi-Fi inflight, I've taken to "tracking myself" when I fly to figure exactly where I am, and to look for nearby/crossing flights.
            I've noticed that when using FR24 (on iPhone app) via plane-WiFi, the map itself is often extremely slow to load. I will get a gray screen (with gridding) littered with planes, and even current radar - all stuff which is moving/updating in real time. Yet the map (which is static) takes forever to load, and then with a zoom, has to reload again. It appears to be repeatedly downloading the same map tiles over and over. Once I touch down, and turn LTE back on "poof" the map tiles load almost instantly - so it seems like it has to be the wifi connection throttling them.


            Is it possible to have the base map (of some area - say "US") pre-loaded, so then all that needs to be pushed are the planes and weather? At least have this as an option (at some resolution)? My phone has gobs of free storage - I could readily stash 1GB of base map (and since the resolution doesn't need to be 'house-level' I doubt even the whole US would take up that much space).

            Maybe there's some other approach (better compression of map tile data?) that could solve this issue as well.



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              Is there any more thought about adding the filter for aircraft categories on the app like we have for the website? Right now on the app, I can only select US Air Force, but then I won't pick up Navy or Foreign units flying into my local base (KPSM)



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                I use Samsung DEX which is a pretty handy app that lets you access and display your Samsung Android phone apps and other data on a PC or TV. It's not exactly screen-mirroring which only shows exactly what you see on your phone screen on the TV or PC. DEX on the other hand is an actual desktop GUI which uses the phone's contents, a similar concept as Android Auto which is used on car infotainment screens.

                Flightradar24 works great in DEX, as seen in screenshot #3 you get a nice big map view. The minor annoyance is that when I launch FR24 in DEX it always launches in a small screen view that is basically a screen mirror, as seen in screenshot #1. There is a full screen view available by clicking the expand icon in the top right corner. When I click that I get a warning message that FR24 will have to restart, as seen in screenshot #2. I click Restart and it launches FR24 in fullscreen mode as seen in screenshot #3 and everything is fine. So why do I think it's an annoyance? Because I (personally) never view in the smaller screen mirror view, I always use FR24 full screen in DEX, so this requires two extra clicks as well as a slight delay as it restarts. I typically launch FR24 several times a day so this somewhat compounds the (slight) annoyance. It's not normally an actual problem though, except when I hear a plane flying low overhead and I want to know which window to run to, and every second counts!

                I realize that some people might prefer small screen view as the default, however other apps that I use in DEX remember which view was used last and they launch in that view the next time instead of always launching in small screen view. Also other apps don't display a restart warning message when switching between small screen and full screen. Switching views in FR24 doesn't seem to change anything, the selected filter and map focus remains the same, so I'm not sure there is a need for the restart warning message when switching between small view and fullscreen view.

                Screenshot 1.jpg

                Screenshot 2.jpg

                Screenshot 3.jpg

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                  In my app currently I've got UTC time selected, but airport pages still show the time as local. Airport pages on the website show the time as UTC per my settings. Would love to be able to have that in my iOS app as well.
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                    I have a small feature reuest for the IOS app.

                    Section: Filter

                    When I have selected a filter, there is the option (small organges airplane), filter activated (only filter), filter activated (other transparten). Can you please add a third option normal view (as if you have no filter).

                    Thank you very much


                    • Hi.
                      It would be nice to have information about distance of the plane from my position when I have GPS activated. You select a plane and there will be, among other information distance to your current position.



                      • Hi,

                        I think the ability to submit database updates directly from the app would be extremely useful. Currently there are many errors on aircraft that fly around locally where I live and it it too tedious and cumbersome to have to visit the forum to submit updates for aircraft all the time as these things also change very frequently (ACMI etc..)

                        Kind Regards