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FUTURE FEATURE REQUEST'S - For apps (iOS and Android)

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    My Idea is to enjoy the tool with environment tip like Sunset / Sunrise to help those want to spot/take photos to see when sunrise is happening.

    To highlight my idea, I have created photo screenshots with the concept to explain better than words!
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      I've been feeding data for the last week and am enjoying the entire experience. Couple of requests I have
      1. Sync Filter data between IOS and Web
      2. Show the number of aircraft available next to each Filter. Like PlaneFinder. That way if there are no aircrafts, then I won't apply the filter.


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        Humble request: given the worsening fire intensity and longer fire seasons it would be lovely to see INCIWEB map layers for wildfires. The layers are easily added into google earth and many fire apps use them. A selectable map layer would help us who live in fire country where aviation fire suppression is highly utilized. Thanks!


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          Is it possible to convert an existing email login to a social login i.e. Facebook or Sign in with Apple.


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            Please add RADAR Filters for the iOS app so that we can see what aircraft we are tracking on our receiver from the app. Currently this filter appears to only exist on the full web site.

            Also, please update on if an AppleTV app is in the making, as that would be fantastic.


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              For AR, would it be possible to honour the filters currently active in the main display, so that when you switch to AR you only see the filtered aircraft? If you are close to a major airport, then it is often impossible to locate a desired aircraft in AR if it happens to be in that direction


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                I'm unsure if anyone has posted this or if it is a feature, but It would be awesome that when an aircraft enters a certain radius around you, you get a notification that its near you. The reason why its sometimes a hassle to keep looking on the app to take pictures of planes that are coming near me (I live on a flightpath out of Sydney, so I get to see all the departures heading north-west) and I'm normally doing other activities and had the time I miss the aircraft.

                Somewhat like when you get close to an airport, it notifies you when you are within a certain radius. Just a suggestion, would be cool to see it implemented or discussed!