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FUTURE FEATURE REQUEST'S - For apps (iOS and Android)

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    There is a filter that you can use,.. Its called Airports,. And you can set it for In and Out traffic.
    Or just the In traffic,.. Or just the out traffic

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    1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


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      Couple of things that would make life easier:

      1. A Pause button on the main live map, for when I'm switching away from FR24 to do something else and don't want it slowing everything else down. At present I do a three-click-pause by starting a replay and hitting the pause button.

      2. Alerts that are generated when an aircraft enters the sharing system, not just when FR24 calculates a position for it from MLAT. Since FR24 knows the strongest uploader signal at any point in time it also has a rough idea of where the aircraft is, which should be enough to trigger an alert that it's airborne. Often the alerts never trigger for small aircraft / helicopters because MLAT never succeeds.
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        Another couple more ideas:

        3. Any time there is a hover pop-up for an airport name, please include the ICAO code of the airport! It's tedious having to do a web search every time for something that's already in the FR24 database but not exposed.

        4. Make the registration in the aircraft details panel clickable and linked to the Aircraft Data page.


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          Allow users to turn off their GPS, thus saving power

          The app should allow users to turn off their GPS, thus saving power, by offering a config item to remember current position.
          That's how many star watching sky maps apps work.
          Not all users are driving around. Some are simply on their veranda not going anywhere all night and thus no need to track their 4 meter wide movements at the expense of the battery.
          P.S., I tried to search the forum first for GPS but it said my string was too short.
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            Employ the cell phone's magnetic compass to correctly rotate the map

            I am sitting pointed south. However the map is permanently pointed north. It would be great if the cell phone's magnetic compass was used to rotate the map to match which way our cell phone is pointing. I am using the free Android version. Also it would be great if we could just lock the orientation for a little while, allowing us to turn off the compass and save even more power.
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              Offer Openstreetmaps

              Allowing the user to select openstreetmaps as a background, would save the company license fees to Google. That way more features could be put into the free app. Openstreetmaps is more than sufficient for the simple background maps employed.


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                Add "cone of sound" overlay to the map

                Add an optional so-called cone of sound overlay to the map. Thus people could pretty much predict when they will begin hearing a plane based on the advancing so-called cone of sound line reaching their location on the map.
                In fact all you need to do is just do it for one plane when they tap the plane.

                As you know users using their raw eyes have little chance to see any of the plane's details, even less so at night. However their ears certainly can pick it up. Hence, the app should use more effort on the audio portion of the experience.
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                  Cache map upon closing, for faster startup next time

                  Cache maps upon closing the app, to enable faster startup when opening the app later.

                  There is good chance the user might be quite nearby where he was when he closed the app next time he opens the app. That way to avoid a momentary blank white screen do consider caching the final view map position he was looking at before.

                  Note I'm only talking about the tiles in view and not anything much bigger.
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                    Cache the map to save 99% of the user's data bill

                    In fact by simply caching the map, probably 99% of the user's data bill could be avoided.

                    For instance here I am in Taiwan, I really only need just a few tiles and it could last me for months. No need to keep on pulling them in over and over. I'm sure it's fine with the terms and conditions of your map providers, especially Openstreetmap. In fact they would be happier too.

                    Let's face it, at the scale of airplane flights, nobody really needs very detailed maps, so caching low magnification maps would be fine
                    Yes, perhaps maps of airports are an exception.
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                      Second route line on the map: simply if they continued on their same azimuth

                      In addition to the route of great circle, please add a second line, the line that would be if they continued on their present azimuth.

                      And, on this second line, add markers where the plane will be if it continues at its current speed and azimuth, in 5 minutes, in 10 minutes, in 15 minutes, etc, etc.
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                        Add plus and minus Zoom buttons to the map

                        Add plus and minus Zoom buttons, so we don't need our two fingers to mess with the map, often messing up the position etc. in the process.


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                          How about been able to had a custom alert by touching an aircrafts reg,air craft type in the more info page ? It would be a lot quicker than the current system .


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                            Germania Flug (GSW/GM) logo on app is frustrating because it has a white background. Can you change it with the used for Germania Airlines (GMI/ST)? It's the same logo, but the last one had transparent background. Thank you!


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                              The addition of the receiver code (T-ABCD, F-EFGH etc) option under the Aircraft labels menu, giving the ability to see what receiver aircraft are being tracked by as part of their label.


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                                Filters: could we please have the ability to add more than one airport on one filter, just like you can on the web version.

                                Even better if you can setup your own bookmarks or pull them across from the settings in your web login.

                                Thank you.

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