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Data errors in Flightradar24 aircraft database

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  • Data errors in Flightradar24 aircraft database

    If you find any errors in FR24 aircraft database you can post the errors and correct data here. It could be wrong registration, wrong plane type, wrong airline or any other aircraft data error.

    Preferred format

    ModeS/Hex-code - always needed
    ICAO Type code - sets the icon
    Airline / Owner - no individuals, trustees or leasing companies
    Paint code (ICAO) - should reflect the livery of the aircraft - ICAO code only, not IATA code or name
    Operator code (ICAO) - ICAO code only, not IATA code or name
    First flight date - not delivery date - format year-mm-dd (if mm or dd is unknown replace with 00, for example 2012-06-00)

    Please don't report STORED aircraft, they should remain in FR24 database.
    Please don't report TEMPORARY wet-lease operators. We don't have the resources to update a new operator twice per week. Only permanent changes.

    We can't just set or update an ICON. Correct icon is set based on the ICAO Type code. When correct ICAO Type code has been provided, the icon will be correct.
    For PRIVACY reasons please don't report individuals, trustees or leasing companies as airline/owner. "Private owner" is preferred for non-airline aircraft.

    Please don't report data where hex-code and registration is not matching (same country). This happens often when an aircraft is transfered to a new country and the new owner doesn't update the transponder data.

    This means that an aircraft with hex-code between A00000 and AFFFFF can only have an US N-registration and not Brazil PR-registration or German D-registration or Chinese B-registration.
    This will hopefully make aircraft owners more aware of that they are using an incorrect hex-code and also decrease of numbers of errors when hex-code is re-used in country of orgin.
    We can't change a callsign or the hex-code. They are sent out by the transponder of the aircraft. It's quite common for an aircraft to transmitt incorrect callsign or incorrect hex-code. Only the aircraft owner can change that data.

    Check HEX<->REG matches here

    Please, don't forget to always include the ModeS/Hex-code code of the aircraft as it is the key to find the aircraft the database, together with the correct data that should be updated.

    No discussions in this thread. If you want to discuss any data feel free to use
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    This was added by Ger but there are two errors in the database.

    406541 correct Hex. ( incorrect Hex 406941) FIXED
    Airbus A-320-214
    4708 c/n cross ref. with Airframes ( wrong c/n:4693 in FR24 database ) FIXED

    Cross Ref. c/n:

    Cross Ref. c/n and Hex:

    Mike / Speedbird
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      Thanks, its fixed now.
      The only one who never makes mistakes is the one who never does anything - Theodore Roosevelt


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        Originally posted by Albin View Post
        Thanks, its fixed now.
        Thanks Albin.

        The Hex code is ok, but the c/n is still wrong.
        If you put the G-EZUH in the registration search two entries show, that could be causing the wrong c/n to show.

        Mike / Speedbird

        Thanks Albin, all ok now.
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          Ah, that's because there was two G-EZUH in database.

          Deleted one now and should be fixed.
          The only one who never makes mistakes is the one who never does anything - Theodore Roosevelt


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            9M-MIJ, 750244, reg should be 9M-MLJ
            TC-JJK, A64132, hex is actually 4BA94B


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                EC-FLP A320 shows on FR24 as Iberia but seen in full colours of Vueling (Hex 34110D)

                EC-FQY A320 shows on FR24 as Iberia but is now with Vueling (Hex 341112)

                EC-FDB A320 shows on FR24 as Iberia but also now with Vueling (Hex 3410C7)

                Rgds, Ger

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                  There are many errors in Aeroflot's database:

                  RA-85627 stored in Continent (IATA LK, ICAO CNE) since May 2011
                  RA-85637 stored in Donavia (IATA D9, ICAO DNV) since February 2011
                  RA-85663 in Moscow Flying school (educational aviation center) since January 2010

                  RA-85638, RA-85639, RA-85641, RA-85642, RA-85643, RA-85644, RA-85646, RA-85647, RA-85648, RA-85661, RA-85662, RA-85665, RA-85667, RA-85668, RA-85669, RA-85670, RA-85810, RA-85811 brokes up (cuts) in 2009-2010


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                    Aeroflot's ex-cargo planes:

                    VP-BDG (N141WE since April 2008) stored in Air Lease International
                    VP-BDH (N142WE since January 2009) stored in Air Lease International

                    Aeroflot's active cargo planes:

                    VP-BDP McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (c/n 48502 line 520) since December 2009
                    VP-BDR McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (c/n 48503 line 528) since December 2009
                    VP-BDQ McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (c/n 48504 line 548) since December 2009


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                      Hex 869166 , this is showing as JA872A, it should be JA782A




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                        On FR24 LX-ACV comes up as a Boeing 747-200, that needs to be changed to a Boeing 747-400 . LX-ACV used to belong to a Cargolux B742 but now it belongs to a Cargolux B744

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                          G-BYAN should be G-OOBR: Click on photo on Playback and the correct Registration shows on Planespotters.
                          TOM712 Departing Glasgow @ 13:17 on 8-6-11 using playback.
                          Airline: Thomson Airways
                          Flightnr: TOM712
                          From: Glasgow Glasgow (GLA)
                          To: Sharm el-Sheikh Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH)
                          Aircraft: Boeing 757-204 (B752)
                          Reg: G-BYAN REMOVED
                          Hex: 40056E
                          Altitude: 15675 ft (4778 m)

                          This aircraft used to have the Reg. G-BYAN upto 2007 and then changed to SE-RFP.
                          Then on 16-5-11 it changed G-OOBR. ADDED

                          I also posted it here a few weeks ago:
                          __________________________________________________ ______________

                          Mike / Speedbird

                          Thanks Albin, i had a look on Planespotters at 74 B737 aircraft and no sign of a Fokker, maybe they have fixed it.
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                            Hi i don't know the HEX or reg. But I saw a few days ago that a SAS B737 had a Fokker 50 as its photo


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                              Fixed those now, regarding the SAS B737, have seen that aswell, can't recall what individual it was but the information in the database was correct last time I looked it up.

                              Might be something wrong with the picture? Don't really know..
                              The only one who never makes mistakes is the one who never does anything - Theodore Roosevelt