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Data errors in Flightradar24 aircraft database

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  • Please add additional information for LY-LML (mode-s: 503CCB) aircraft:

    AIRLINE: Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute


    • 4b22a8
      ICAO AC11
      Type Rockwell 114 Gran Turismo Commander

      ICAO AC11
      Type Rockwell 114B Commander

      ICAO code AC14 doesn't exist
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      • RA-67216

        Registration: RA-67216
        ICAO Type code: CL60
        Type: CL-604
        MSN: 5567
        Airline: AVIASERVICE


        • 503CB0

          Both wrong but Mike deleted Tykes post so you will have to work out for yourselves


          • Please update data accordingly. Wrong ModeS.

            ModeS: 503CB0
            Registration: LY-SPJ
            ICAO Type code: A320
            Type: A320-233
            MSN: 739
            Airline: Small Planet Airlines
            Paint code (ICAO):
            Operator code (ICAO):LLC

            ModeS: 503CB1
            Registration: LY-SPK
            ICAO Type code: A320
            Type: A320-232
            MSN: 1411
            Airline: Small Planet Airlines
            Paint code (ICAO):
            Operator code (ICAO):LLC

            ModeS: 503CAF
            Registration: LY-SPI
            ICAO Type code: A320
            Type: A320-214
            MSN: 0914
            Airline: Small Planet Airlines
            Paint code (ICAO):
            Operator code (ICAO):LLC


            • ModeS:15069B
              Registration: RA-67227
              ICAO Type code: CL60
              Type: CL-605
              MSN: 5803
              Airline: AVIASERVICE


              • ModeS:15069C
                Registration: RA-67228
                ICAO Type code: CL60
                Type: CL-605
                MSN: 5613
                Airline: AVIASERVICE


                • ModeS:142590
                  Registration: RA-09616
                  ICAO Type code: FA7X
                  Type: Falcon 7x
                  MSN: 191
                  Airline: AVIASERVICE


                  • ModeS:1506A0
                    Registration: RA-67232
                    ICAO Type code: CRJ2
                    Type: CL-850
                    MSN: 8099
                    Airline: AVIASERVICE


                    • G-CKTN is a Bristell NG5
                      Hex 4074BE
                      MSN 308
                      It is a privately owned low wing with a single piston engine. (SEL)
                      The icon displayed on Flightradar24 is that if a jet transport aircraft.
                      Can this be changed please to one depicting SEL type.
                      Many thanks.


                      • E88075
                        ZP-BOH (instead of ZP-BLE)
                        Beechcraft C90A King Air
                        Private owner


                        • ModeS: 728635
                          Registration: YI-AQU
                          Airline: ZagrosJet
                          Paint code (ICAO): GZQ
                          Operator code (ICAO):GZQ
                          Year: Feb 2003


                          • The aircrafts N594PU and N593PU are privately owned aircraft by Purdue Aviation. Flightradar24 shows it as "Airline: Private owner" but when pulling up the arrivals or departures for LAF, it shows the airline image/logo of "Nolinor airlines". I contacted Nolinor and asked about this, and they confirmed they do not have any operations associated with LAF and don't own N594PU or N593PU. I'd thought I'd let you guys know so you can correct this, so these aircrafts no longer show Nolinor's logo/icon on the departures/arrival page.


                            • Originally posted by EthanS44
                              At the Purdue University Airport, KLAF, the university-owned planes are numbered, and these numbers are used in their callsign.

                              On FlightRadar24, their callsign is either listed as "NO CALLSIGN", or listed as their registration number, which is not what is used on ATC.

                              These aircraft are referred to as (for example) "Purdue 9".

                              Since these planes callsign is "Purdue #" on ATC, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) FlightRadar24's plane database should show that as their callsign as well.

                              Here is a list of each plane's registration number to corresponding callsign. Hopefully this helps update the list.

                              N580PU "Purdue 0"
                              N581PU "Purdue 1"
                              N582PU "Purdue 2"
                              N583PU "Purdue 3"
                              N584PU "Purdue 4"
                              N585PU "Purdue 5"
                              N586PU "Purdue 6"
                              N587PU "Purdue 7"
                              N588PU "Purdue 8"
                              N589PU "Purdue 9"
                              N590PU "Purdue 10"
                              N591PU "Purdue 11"
                              N592PU "Purdue 12"
                              N593PU "Purdue 13"
                              N594PU "Purdue 14"
                              N595PU "Purdue 15"
                              FR24 database does not include callsigns.

                              The callsign shown on FR24 is what is encoded into the aircraft transponder.

                              If you want FR24 to show PURDUE0 etc, you will have to enter each callsign into each individual aircraft transponder.
                              Don't know the ICAO type code? Look it up here.


                              • Hello

                                please change shape form of this helicopter
                                ModeS: 34329A
                                Registration: EC-LBD
                                ICAO Type code:
                                Type: EC35
                                callsign: ABEJA10

                                appears in the shape of an airplane