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Data errors in Flightradar24 aircraft database

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  • All Aeroflot's TU154M:

    RA-85627, RA-85637, RA-85638, RA-85639, RA-85641, RA-85642, RA-85643, RA-85644, RA-85646, RA-85647, RA-85648, RA-85661, RA-85662, RA-85663, RA-85665, RA-85667, RA-85668, RA-85669, RA-85670, RA-85810, RA-85811 stored and brokes up (cuts) in 2009-2010.


    • Since 2009 the following aircraft has been operated in Russia State Transport Company (ICAO - RSD; Russian government airline), but not in Rossiya - Russian Airlines (ICAO - SDM; commercial airline based in St. Petersburg):
      RA-64057, RA-64058, RA-64504, RA-64505, RA-64506, RA-64515, RA-64516, RA-64517, RA-64520, RA-65994, RA-65995, RA-73025, RA-73026, RA-85001, RA-85629, RA-85631, RA-85659, RA-85686, RA-85843, RA-86466, RA-86467, RA-86468, RA-96012, RA-96016, RA-96018, RA-96019

      RA-64522, RA-86559, RA-86561 has also been since 2009 in the Russia State Transport Company, not in the Russian Air Force.
      RA-64524 is not Transaero, it is also Russia State Transport Company.
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      • Seen today:
        Airline: Bristow Helicopters
        Aircraft: Sikorsky S-61N Sea King (S61)
        Reg: G-BIMU
        Altitude: 0 ft (0 m)
        Speed: 91 kt (169 km/h, 105 mph)
        Track: 162
        Hex: 400F4B
        Squawk: 4334
        Pos: 52.9103 / 4.7895
        Radar: N-EHAM1

        It shows with a plane icon, but a helicopter icon would be more appropiate.


        • RA-42425 is now in UTair (UT/UTA).
          RA-85770 is now in Alrosa (6R/DRU).
          RA-76386, RA-76483 and EW-78843 is now in Aviacon Zitotrans (ZR/AZS).
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          • Following still remain incorrect:

            Originally posted by Oblivian View Post
            Hex: C87F1F
            Reg: BE20 incorrect
            CORRECT REG: NZ7123
            Airline: Royal New Zealand Air Force
            Aircraft: Beech King Air B200 (BE20)
            Hex: C87F1D
            Reg: BE20 incorrect
            CORRECT REG: NZ7121
            Airline: Royal New Zealand Air Force
            Aircraft: Beech King Air B200 (BE20)
            Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


            • There is a Hex Code Error on a couple of newly delivered Air China B737's
              B-5693 c/n 40018 is Hex Code 780912 & NOT 780910 as in the database
              B-5695 c/n 40037 is Hex Code 780910 & NOT 780912 as in the database
              B-5696 c/n 40019 is Hex Code 780911 which is a new addition to the database


              • AE01D1
                62-4130 Boeing RC-135W R135 18470

                is a RC135W 'Rivet Joint' , in database as RC135V stratotanker.


                • Laos Airlines Data Base

                  Originally posted by Admin View Post
                  If you find any errors in FR24 airplane database you can post the errors and correct data here. It could be wrong reg, wrong plane type or any other error. Don't forget to post the Hex/ModeS code of the airplane so we can find it in the database.
                  For Lao Airlines A320, RDPL 34199 is shown twice. Your lists say this database shows "entire fleets". Lao Airlines has 5 ATR 72's numbered RDPL 34222/34176/34175/34174/34173 also 4 Xian MA60's numbered RDPL 34168/34169/34171/34172. At least one of the ATR's has ADS-B as I have just watched it land in Chiang Mai but your listing did not give its registration but its Hex Code was 708022, Squark 1670 and Code LAV 645. I think it must be RDPL 34222 which is a recently delivered 600 series
                  Your listings do not appear to have Lao Central Airlines that currently operates two 737's out of Wattay Airport, Laos they are numbered RDPL 34183 and 34189. It has only been operating for a few months but has 3 Sukhoi Superjet 100 due for delivery shortly


                  • Incorrect:
                    Thomson Airways
                    Hex: 4008B8

                    Monarch Airlines
                    Hex: 4008B8


                      ModeS: 117AEB -> incorrect Hex. (correct Hex = 1F7AEB)
                      Reg: 97003
                      Typecode: SU95
                      Type: Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95
                      Serial number: 95003
                      Airline: Sukhoi Civil Aviation
                      Russian Radarspotters team


                      • ^^^^

                        Altitude: 10200 ft (3109 m)
                        V/S: 512 fpm
                        Speed: 236 kt (437 km/h, 272 mph)
                        Track: 118
                        Hex: 1F7AEB
                        Squawk: 7003
                        Pos: 55.2839 / 38.8659
                        Radar: T-UUMU4
                        Russian Radarspotters team


                        • Please change all the ex-bmi aircraft to "Airline: British Airways". I think most have been done but I'm just watching G-MIDX position back and it's still showing bmi as the airline.

                          G-DBCA-> G-DBCK (A319's).
                          G-MEDH, G-MEDK, G-MIDO, G-MIDS, G-MIDT, G-MIDX, G-MIDY (A320's).
                          G-MEDF, G-MEDG, G-MEDJ, G-MEDL, G-MEDM, G-MEDN, G-MEDU (A321's).

                          Aircraft in "Dove"/"Golden Feathers Livery" are: G-EUPA, G-EUPD, G-EUPG, G-EUPH, G-EUOH, G-DBCB, G-DBCD (All A319's).

                          G-MEDH is in a hybrid bmi/BA livery.

                          G-MEDF, G-MEDG and G-MEDJ (A321's) are the only aircraft still in bmi colours. The rest of the fleet have been painted into BA livery.

                          Kind regards,



                          • In the flight info part of FR24, if you clik on to flight number (of Jetstar) it shows the airline Alba Star, i thought that Alba was an european carrier , not the Qantas subsidiary- Jetstar, is this a data base error


                            • Lappeenranta Aero Club OH-DLI is listed as Areospool WT9 Dynamic.

                              It should be Aerospool WT9 Dynamic.