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  • Originally posted by hb9dww View Post
    On my FR24 Dump1090 near Airport Locarno (South of Switzerland) I see some strange ICAO Hex-Codes 4b5dfa, 4b5dfb and 4b5dfc with very strong RF Signals. I don't found any information in databases about this 3 codes. The codes 4b5dfa and 4b5dfc are 7x24h on my dump1090. Very strange are also the altitudes particulary the 49600 feets from 4b5dfb and the 92800 feets from 4b5dfc

    Here are the pictures of this 3 entries




    Any ideas what this could be?
    Probably towers or badly/mis-decoded data packets. Would need a few more receivers to match and confirm

    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


    • Don't mind a late night Friday code tinker

      At least I know of 1 person to make use of it.. ME

      Hex to country check


      Existing Record check

      record check.JPG

      New feature as of a few hours of head scratching

      Prefix Confirm/Search

      Sure, you can find them on wikipedia too.. But it doesn't reinforce the hex it should have too

      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


      • Just joined this forum and not sure if this correct place to post...
        Over the last few days a lot of a/c do not seem to be showing up on FR24. I was receiving full ADS-B data for 43C700 at 2020-05-24 15:25z and feeding in to FR24 and PlanePlotter. It was showing up my Basestation and PP. It was also showing up on AirNav (I don't feed) but there was no sign of it on FR24. I have noticed this with many aircraft over the last few days.
        Ta, Andy.


        • FR24 doesn't display all aircraft that can be tracked, including many military types. Other trackers may show them as should your local receiever.


          For security and privacy reasons information about some aircraft is limited or blocked. This includes most military aircraft and certain high profile aircraft, like Air Force One.


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          • Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. I appreciate what you say, blocked etc etc, but up until a few days ago FR24 was always my first 'goto' for years for an id. In the last week or so possibly 5 - 8 (ish - a real guess)% of a/c that I check have not been showing up on FR24. This includes light, helis (heli-med, police etc), 43C*** etc. I certainly don't mean the likes of Air Force One. Conpanies like Shell Aviation are routinely blocked by all, I understand that - it is the usual, mostly run of the mill a/c that have always shown up are simply not showing up in the last few days. Just an observation. If I have the time I will log some flights for further investigation. As a simple example a lot of RAF RRR* flights that normally show up - ie you can follow from Brize to Akrotiri and back - are not showing, but this is certainly not limited to military.


            • Let us know the aircraft hex codes when you next track the missing ones, and ideally, the date/time and flight ID.

              Also, make sure you have no filters set that may be "hiding" them?


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              • Originally posted by Maxi_Tyrolean View Post
                Here a little story from my side how time and things changed...

                Back in 2014 I applied for the Flightradar24 database-editor position here. One year later I got a message if I was still interested and so I started my work in 2015.
                At this time, everyone was doing their job, the posted aircraft-data here was about 3-5 pages in 7 days and everything was, let's say good but not great in my opinion.

                Now 5 years later it's a whole different story. No response from the FR24 admins if you need something, it looks like I'm the only one here that is doing the forum-stuff and btw. the workload of the last 6 days is more than 40(!) pages.
                Sorry guys but I'm not sure if I'm motivated to do this any longer. It's just getting more and more frustrated every few weeks when you read messages like "Why hasn't this been done yet?..." and things like that.

                And keep in mind: all I'm doing here is voluntary work in my free time and I never got a business account or anything else from FR24.
                So I guess the first question is has Maxi retired. If he has I for one would not blame him as he appears to have been carrying the entire workload
                of updating this forum. It's several weeks since any updates appear to have been done and they are building up to a sizeable number.

                FR24's management of this area seems to be totally lacking. The standard response about the "team" of editors just waiting to add your posts has
                long since been shown as rubbish. For a commercial organisation to rely on one volunteer to update its most important data base seen bizarre.

                If Maxi is not doing it anymore, what is FR24's plan, always assuming that they have one?

                BTW Maxi thanks for all the great work you have done over the years.