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AirNavSystems abandons communication with RadarBox database updaters

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  • AirNavSystems abandons communication with RadarBox database updaters

    AirNavSystems abandons communication with RadarBox database updaters

    Wonder how much longer till AirNav Systems( Andre Brandao or Akbar Sherwani ) decides to pack up the product. Leave every RadarBox user hanging and scrambling for another plane tracking box from another company.

    Two long and interesting posts from one of the updating team complaining that they have heard nothing from AirNav for more than 2 months now about any proposed fix to the update architecture:

    We're told that every record in the updaters' database now has all the data fields correct, including the correct ICAO type designator and photo links (although the post goes on to mis-identify an E55P as an "EMB 500"), but users never get to see that information because RadarBox still presents us with the data from its local database, which can be decades out-of-date.

    It doesn't seem to have occurred to AirNav that it's not just the updaters, it's all RadarBox customers who deserve to be kept informed about when and if this is ever going to be fixed.

    As has been said, the Airnav response to Database complaints is always the same - we’re working on it. But nobody believes them any more - they have said it far too often and for far too long.

    But did Airnav ever intend to update? Airnav have history and they have gone down this road before.

    Look at the Airnav Acars page

    Acars “support” shows the last upgrade as March 2004 and the Acars link to the enthusiast supplied database updates has been broken for ages - yet Airnav Acars is still on sale.

    Radarbox is going exactly the same way. It is obvious that Airnav can’t maintain databases because they don’t have the resources to do so. There is no after-sale revenue stream to pay for this apart from limited network contributions. So, as with Acars, a few keen RB owners club together to make their own little data exchange, egged on by Airnav. It keeps them busy and stops them moaning.

    But on past form Airnav will not divert scarce resources getting the data down to us ordinary box users purely because they need to concentrate on new money-making fields.

    So unless someone comes up with a simple method for simple people to update their databases via simple downloads from outside sources, most of our RadarBoxes seem destined for the scrap heap.

    Spare a thought for the poor devils who have RBs on their Christmas wish lists. Will W&S, ML&S and all the other retailers tell them how out of date the dabases are? I doubt it.

    Maybe Airnav will prove me wrong - a nice Christmas present if they do.
    Wonder if this will delay AirNav Shiptrax software!
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    There's no evidence to suggest AirNav will stop selling and/or distributing the RadarBox.

    In fact AirNav claims there'll be many new projects in 2011

    Unfortunately the answer is the same as it has always been: keep waiting for news as our team work never stops. As we've told we have 5 brand new projects for 2011.

    Maybe Multilateration will be one of them, which should be a very interesting development, along with fixes for the decoding bugs, aircraft database and route lookups.

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      One of the product just got released! Hope the AirNav Database is better for this product
      Wonder if they will have one for "AirNav ShipTrax Live Tracker 8 Release"

      AirNav Live Flight Tracker 8 Released
      Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to track in real time any flight over Europe, North America and other regions of the world?
      Welcome to the New Version of AirNav Live Flight Tracker, the first and only flight tracking application that integrates flight data from the FAA Radar Systems (ASDI) and AirNav Systems worldwide Mode-s/ADS-B network resulting in an average of 7000 flight being tracked worldwide.
      BREAKING NEWS: The best flight tracking software got even better:

      Read more on the Radarspotter forum topic.

      Hamish McTorsk said:
      I really don't understand how they can sell this product given the state of their database woes.....
      Selling on the data uploaded by Radarbox users and still making the sharers pay for the network.....
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        Very expensive and limited to 2 hours use per day.

        Flightradar24 is a much better option.

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          Looks like not much changed since 2.1 version

          Older reviews on AirNav Live Flight Tracker...

          1.)"DEMO IS A DUD" - Summary: Cannot rate the product's features....the demo has out dated information, and updating requires the user to pay up. Without the capability to test the products ability to update the quality and speed of data displays, it is basically buying the product "sight unseen."

          2.) "Not Good" - Summary: This program, is awful, in a word. Theres no coverage for any other countries apart from America, so living in Britain trying to look at European flights is a nightmare. Also, its rediculously expensive. I know alot of hard work must have gone into this, but its really not worth the money at all if u live ouside the states.

          3.) "Could be useful" - Summary: It could be a useful software, but you cannot evaluate it without real time data; it is just like buying something without opening the box: the box contents is printed on it, but you can't be sure it cointains what you really expect...

          4.) "Demos Suck" -
          Pros: ...............................
          Cons: It doesn't Tell Real Life Data
          Summary: It doesnt tell real time data but then i just have to use a website

          Just waiting for the AirNav ShipTrax reviews!

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            Originally posted by SoCalBrian View Post
            Looks like not much changed since 2.1 version
            The Reviews you quote are all about version 2.1 and are mostly dated 2003 and 2004. The newest is dated 2008.

            Your post is very misleading.


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              I already pointed out it was from "older reviews" from AirNav Live Flight Tracker on cnet page.
              When you load the page you will notice the date stamps on each reviews.

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                Maybe the updated AirNav RadarBox database will be release soon! umm...

                Posted by DaveReid:
                The AirNav updaters are hinting that another (overdue) database release is imminent.

                No confirmation, or otherwise, from AirNav themselves, and no indication re whether the update architecture has been fixed so that it can work properly with non-standard installation paths and doesn't obliterate users' changes to the other NavData tables.


                Still waiting for the updated June release date for AirNav ShipTrax software.

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                  Years later, communication problems still exist with the DB updaters.

                  * Another database release:
                  1) New aircraft table;
                  2) Installer application prompts the user to chose the installation folder;


                  * Well that didn't last long - the post has been pulled on the AirNav Systems Forum:

                  * That was our decision (the updaters). We wanted to check that some data had been updated before it was distributed. AirNav will be putting it back a soon as possible for download.

                  * Pity no one asked the updaters first.

                  * This saga has been going on for 14 months and despite all the usual promises from AirNav, nothing has really changed, except that the unpaid data entry clerks keep on updating.

                  * - ShipTrax is three years overdue (and was supposed to be released this month).

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                    Re: Continuing lack of progress on AirNav RadarBox bug fixes

                    Some links....

                    Re: Continuing lack of progress on bug-fixes
                    Well it looks like he isn't going to get his answer - I guess that ex-updaters aren't rated any higher than us lesser mortals in the AirNav scheme of things, when it comes to being kept in the dark.

                    do we know if we're anyway nearer to a breakthrough on the software glitches which were being asked about at the inception of the update team, as discussed with AirNav? It's all gone rather quiet again?

                    Still no sign of AirNav ShipTrax being released....

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