AirNavSystems Staff(Andre Brandao , Akbar Sherwani) Bans A Well Known Radarbox User(Tom) From Their Forum.

"An Error Has Occurred!
Sorry viking9, you are banned from using this forum!
User connected with RS forum team with permanent negative posts."
Just because that member is part of another virtual radar 'Plane Spotting' forum available on the internet.

More details available on this topic about Tom's banned.

Just a week after DaveReid was banned from AirNavSystems Forum.,3523.0.html

Quote from Anmer:
Looks like a rerun of the Final Solution.
Ban all dissenting voices and blame it on Radarspotters.
What a way to run a business and treat customers?
Tyrannical dictatorship.
It would be funny if it weren't serious.

Just be careful if you are a member on any aviation or ship tracking forums. , JetPhotos, FenceCheck,, ShipSpotting / ShipTrax, etc. AirNav Could ban you because you are a member of another internet aviation forum site.

plus AirNavSystems should spend more time on the AirNav Shiptrax product!