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  • Airnav suite 4.01

    Hello to everyone.
    i'm Luca a radioamateur from Tuscany ( Italy ).
    My call is IZ5DMQ.
    i' using Airnav softwares since 1995 , with my radio scanners , but only from some the suite with the version of 4.01
    i'm a regular licensed user and i'm using the software with my PC with Win XP_Sp3 pro ed.

    i have a big problem with its internet feature , when i try to download the spots from the web.

    i tried into 3 different machine with Xp home , Pro and 7 edition without any firewall software and tring without any viruses software.
    i tried with routers , and with USB modem devices , with automatic and manual pppOe internet sessions, and finally i gave the same software to my frins in US , to try if the software replies with the same stupid message " unable to download internet spots , check your firewall or your proxy "

    i repeat , anyone uses firewalls or proxys here, and the software continues to doesn't work.

    and not for the last the support from airnav is little and unusefull.

    anyone ,has the same situation?

    if you have ideas you can contact me directly to my mail address

    have fun guys! and mny tks in advance from italy
    Luca Bottino - IZ5DMQ
    QTH Loc. JN53FU
    Meteo 6 - Lucca