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AirNav Systems - What Does the Future Hold?

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  • AirNav Systems - What Does the Future Hold?

    Great story post by Anmer to end the 2012 year, heading into 2013 year.


    AirNavSystems - What Does the Future Hold?

    As we approach the end of 2012, I can't help wondering what's in store for us RadarBox "owners"?

    The last RadarBox "software" release was December 2009. Since then we had to endure the ShipTrax development saga, being promised "great things" as soon as that was released. It was released in January 2012.

    Then we were told we had to wait for the "new project" that would "amaze us". was that new project and I for one am still to be amazed. I've prepared a detailed comparison of against and I'll publish it in January and I think you'll all be "amazed" at the gaps.

    But still no RadarBox software update to fix the outstanding bugs and offer new functionality. Will we ever see a new release? And whatever became of AirNav's Mlat?

    But to cap it all, the AirNav product set has totally disapperared for over 48 hours. No forum, data sharing, photos. routes, 3D etc. The only thing left standing is the AirNav Facebook page but that hasn't been updated for over 14 hours! And my posts there have been deleted and my account blocked.

    But let's not forget that as well as us "hobbyists". AirNav has many commercial customers who won't be too pleased either. How is Boeing, the BBC and the Canadian Space Programme coping at this busy timje of year?

    So what does the future hold for AirNav and it's customers? Who knows? I suspect Andre Brandao. AirNav's elusive Blackberry carryintg CEO hasn't got a clue.

    [Read more on the thread at Forum for continue updates into 2013.]
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    There is some progress now,the forum is still down


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      At this side of the International Date-line -

      - Its CHRISTMAS 25 Dec 2012 !


      AirNavSystems - Merry X'mas fixing your CRASHED SERVER problems.

      72 hours already - have a few 6-paks of beer while fixing the CRASHED Servers !

      what a way for your guys in AirNavSystems to spend your X'mas !
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