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Second Major Failure of his AirNav RadarBox unit

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  • Second Major Failure of his AirNav RadarBox unit

    Sad! :'(
    Should have asked if he wanted it fixed first.

    Post from freqhopping:

    Second major failure

    So last month I ask for a repair quote. No quote but was told to "return to (Waters & Stanton PLC) and we will get a replacement to you once we have recieved it."

    Today I'm notified that the F1, C2, C3, U1 were replaced and they want $130. F<censored>k that, they can keep that piece of shit as far as I'm concerned. I'll spend my money on a system that doesn't fail every few years instead if I decided to do anything at all.
    ************************************************** *******************
    [censored was used on the above information.] & Original information before AirNav Support edited his post.

    Read some more comments by other RadarBox users.

    "Hi Freqhopping,
    All your troubles about the box is the result of very bad components inside the box
    no filtering,crappy connections (antenne)
    i looked inside the box,the first thing a radio amateur does hi and it didnt made me happy
    As a ham radio amateur i know what i talking about,if i make a broadcast with 20 watts output
    power,the box will go crazy.
    there is no TFI in the shack,i work the whole world,and the antennes on the roof are not
    close together.
    So a lot of money for the box with lousy components.
    Sure there will be a lot of people who are saying "īts not treu" they dont know what they are talking about

    Wonder if AirNav ShipTrax use those same cheap bad components inside those boxes.
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