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What Next From AirNav Systems ?

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  • What Next From AirNav Systems ?

    Great post by Anmer breaking down AirNav System's CEO post this morning.


    What Next From AirNav?
    Who knows is the answer. Reading this "announcement", AirNav doesn't either.

    What it should say:

    "Anyway any user is totally free to disable data sharing - if you don't agree with it, don't share. But as soon as we get a chance we turn sharing back on without your permission and continue to steal your data."

    And as for the final paragraph, there are many RadarBox customers who are still banned from posting on the forum. So much for engagaing with the customer base.

    From AirNav: [As usual we are totally open for your feedback - just send us a PM, email or reply on the forum."]


    AirNav Systems does the same thing with the AirNav ShipTrax software. AirNav Systems will steal your data each time the software is running on your computer!
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    I just got myself BANNED in their forum - for exposing their THEFT of Flight Data from my AirNav RadarBox 3D.

    Maybe, when they discovered i posted their banning me in this forum, my ban will continue longer ... hehehehehe
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