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AirNav Suite 4 - AIRNAV support has not gave me any support - Did I get ripped off?

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  • BillW
    "Argh" Airnav and Windows 7 64, dont bother it will not work with this system ! I can relate to this because I too have Windows 7 64 and when I bought my Airnav Radarbox, it stated quite clearly that it would work with "7", even the retailer where I bought it from assured me of the same, but when I got it home and started to install it, it was obvious that the Airnav Radarbox and my PC did not want to know each other. It can be done, but with a great deal of trouble AND more expense, I phoned the retailer and told him I was not happy about this and he started running through so much technical detail, and it still did not work on is working now, on Windows XP.
    Windows 7 is not altogether user friendly and it certainly does not like the Airnav Box, also I found that anything I looked at for help from Airnav, it was all very sparse on information.
    There is not enough troubleshooting information about their fact there is not much info at all.
    With all the lovely shiny adverts about Airnav, they should show more customer support, they are very Lax in that area.
    Mu daughter has another make, and she has had no problems at all, it made me wish I had bought the same as her and avoided Airnav.


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  • Anmer
    Try emailing the CEO, Andre Brandao:

    Let us know if he responds.

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  • Izod
    Hi Everybody, I am the guy who posted that about the Airnav Suite 4 on the Radio Reference Forums. Since I did get the Suite running under XP in VirtualBox mode that is not the point to my sheer anger at this greedy Airnav Company. Still as I write this today I have had absolute no contact with the Technical Support team at Airnav, now 8 support tickets placed. I am very peeved!. And still on their website they claim it runs under ANY version of windows which is a complete lie. And you are right I will be no longer purchasing anything from them again, and if they charge me after 6 months it will be time for legal action.

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  • SoCalBrian
    His second post on his topic...

    By the way I still have gotten no support from AIRNAV themselves and I cant understand why, anyway just want to extend my appreciation to you guys. Thanks

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  • AirNav Suite 4 - AIRNAV support has not gave me any support - Did I get ripped off?

    Another upset AirNav Systems customer.....

    Beware of this AirNav Systems company's high volume of complaints...

    posted by Izod
    AirNav Suite 4
    Hi all, I'm a little bit of a dilemma here, I purchased and downloaded Airnav Suite 4 and the ACARS decoder from the AIRNAV website a few days ago. The ACARS program installed without a hitch but I the airnav suite with not install on Windows 7 64. I've tried all the compatability modes without success. AIRNAV support has not gave me any support after a bunch of emails. The website claims "Microsoft Windows, any version. Internet Connection" for the suite program. Did I get ripped off? The last patch/update was April 2002, I should have read that a little closer. I'm totally frustrated as they claim it works with ANY version of windows - thats why I bought it. I posted a similar thread on the Airnav forums and it was promptly removed by the moderator.
    Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

    I guess this customer wont be buying AirNav ShipTrax or RadarBox Pro