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AirNav RadarBox Software Bugs Might Get Fixed This Summer! ShipTrax Product Delayed!

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    Some more comments from Anmer about the bug fixes AirNav Systems talking about for this week...

    AirNav Bug Fixing Started? - October 25, 2012
    Looks like AirNav is starting work on fixing some bugs. Or is just asking questions as this takes little effort and gives the impression work has started?,1699.0.html

    Maybe the AirNav ShipTrax software/hardware bugs will also be fixed next year!
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      As reported by Anmer today. We won't be seeing any AirNav RadarBox Pro/3D software updates in 2012 year from AirNav Systems LLC company.

      Very SAD day for RadarBox users!


      Ah well, good while it lasted. As Many of us predicted, we won't see RadarBox V4.04 this side of 2013.
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        Anmer came out with the new "Top 8" list reasons.

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        See thread for more comments:

        As a RadarBox "owner" who has been banned from posting on the AirNav forum for no other reason that being a member of another forum, I'd like to respond to Runway 31's post below:

        Post by Runway 31,
        "Unfortunately there are some people on here for whatever reason who only want to moan, bitch and complain and dont contribute to the forum in any other way. Its the one thing you can count on that out of the thousands of forum member the same four or five stick out like a sore thumb bitching and taking words out of context as in this thread, seemingly having to seek arguments and sow discontent for their own enjoyment."

        Let's put things in a proper context.

        Since I joined the AirNav forum I and many others have had posts deleted and been banned simply because we criticised AirNav or mentioned a competitor product. And I've received abusive and threatening emails from Andre Brandao, AirNav's part-time CEO and chief programmer and Mark Francis of Waters & Stanton, AirNav's distributor.

        And in that time I've seen a dramatic decline in members posting on the AirNav forum. I can count on two hands those who post regularly. If we ignore the "Database updates", the place is a ghost town.

        From where I sit, I see the same handful of sycophants defending the indefensible. I can only assume they get free RadarBox, ShipTrax receivers and network sharing for their pains.

        But let's focus on the bottom line and reiterate the basic issues that RadarBox owners "moan, bitch and complain" about:

        1. There's not been an update of the RadarBox software for over three years.

        2. AirNav keeps telling us "it won't be long" and "we'll be amazed", yet nothing appears.

        3. AirNav post reassuring statements that it contradicts a few days later. I don't trust AirNav with ample justification.

        4. The RadarBox has some good features but it also has outstanding bugs that should have been fixed years ago.

        5. AirNav steals our data without our express permission. It's theft pure and simple and has ignored requests to change the data sharing default from "On" to "Off". Just so it can sell our data.

        6. AirNav is only interested in new revenue and not existing customers. For the past 3 years it blamed ShipTrax and now it's ShipTrax was a total failure funded by RadarBox owners. I suspect RadarBox24 will go the same way.

        7. The RadarBox receiver is prone to component failure, even after it's been repaired.

        8. We were promised Mlat years ago. Has anyone seen it?

        It's quite simple Runway 31. We have every reason to "moan, bitch and complain".

        Perhaps you should stand back and look around. Or maybe my "barrell of pig muck" analogy applies?
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