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    Topic: RadarBox resets itself to share on the network with each launch?

    Topic: AirNav threatened with legal action

    Jr. Member
    For reasons discussed elsewhere, I have repeatedly unchecked the "share data on the network" box in my preferences and applied the change. Yet several times after I have restarted the RadarBox application, I find that network sharing has been re-enabled through no action of my own.

    Is this a bug in my preferences file, or is this a programmed behavior by the RB application?
    Hero Member
    The default setting is "share data" so you need to uncheck the box every time if you do not wish to share.

    Jr. Member
    I can't believe that's really true... but I'm worried that it might be.

    You're telling me that I can't permanently set my radarbox software to not share on the network?

    If I can't effectively turn my sharing off, then I definitely want AirNav to give me free network access. Or for them to immediately fix this bug.

    Jr. Member
    Wow. I find that extremely annoying. I also frankly wonder if it is legal, at least here in the US.

    It's certainly unethical - a deceptive practice. You set it not to share and save your selection; but then it comes back - like a member of botnet or some sort of trojan - and resets itself to feed AirNav's computers, in all likelihood without the knowledge of many of the people who are feeding.

    The purpose of preferences, after all, is to allow a user to set their preferences.

    AirNav, what do you say about this?

    I say that I will look into the legality of your business practices if this does not change.

    AirNav Development
    We tend to receive these comments from time to time and almost always from the same users. We are already getting PMs from several forum members regarding these kind of posts.

    Our answer is quite simple: the way this feature works will remain as it is and we have no plans to change it. RadarBox Network is by far the world biggest ADS-B/Mode-s network and will continue to be and, taking in account the number of new subscriptions we continue to get the interest in the network feature continues to grow.
    Wonder if this will delay the release of the AirNav Shiptrax software product!

    Any comments from AirNav Systems staff Andre Brandao or Akbar Sherwani ?
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