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ANRB with Linux box?

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  • ANRB with Linux box?


    I am sharing flight data with airnav 3D since approx. 2 weeks.

    Different changes will be done to the antenna and preamplifier. Outdoor Omni antenna is nice to have but will be dramatically improved. - homebrew (GAsFet powered preamplifier connected to an antenna with more gain and vertical tilt.)

    Concerning to my question:
    I do run serveral applications with linux on alix boards.

    is there a possibility to get ANRB USB device directly working with linux and share the data this way with flightradar24?

    Airnav 3D should receive the data via local network from the linux box (NFS, samba, etc.).

    Any chance?

    If not - is SBS offering this "features"?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    linux options

    It may be pooible to get anrb to work under wine. you may also point linux to the windows drivers. even if it works it will not be a good solution.



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      Thank you

      Wine is not the solution i am looking for - because the solution is not the best
      I want ALIX Board to do the job.

      Well, i found some nice solutions with SBS-1 Ethernet. With this transceiver i can run serveral Clients connected to a "virtual sbs-1" receiver.

      As soon the antenne and preamplifier is finished, i will post some pictures and maybe schematic diagram - if available.