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    Originally posted by sergsero View Post
    In my examples, as seen in the screenshots, all variants were performed in real time on a real working conditions of the programs.

    I can only assume that in your VRS settings is not enabled display pictures for outside the local network: Internet users can see aircraft pictures. Which is disabled by default.

    And you are using a version later 20140801.
    Well that'd probably be it given I didn't see anything mentioned about enabling that anywhere..
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      And after that option is toggled, another word to the wise if its still broken.

      You can only use the localhost/ addressing in the launch commandline for VRS location if you intend to view the page on that PC only and not others in the LAN.

      Seems the VRS parameter is hardcoded and passed to the webserver/java code rather than a relative path. It will attempt to load images from <fullurlinpath>\temp\images\reg.jpg or similar.

      So because I was running the launch on the host/VRS PC and had the source set as localhost, when viewing from another PC browser the IMG source was still set to localhost.

      Now to wait an update to see if it populates.
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        var getVrsUrl = function(reg) {
        return this.vrsUrl + "/VirtualRadar/images/File-" + reg + "/Picture.png";
        What actually gets the images into this URL?

        I've tried turning on VRS show web images

        Tried to create and point VRS image folder to that director.

        Can not get VRS to download a copy of the images, as they are all branched from external sites.

        Has anyone else following the thread actually managed to get it to work?
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          It is possible that I guessed what the your problem is.
          VRS has two types of settings to display images. First, when it has the own collection of aircraft pictures. This collection can be on the same computer or be available to VRS over the network.

          In this case, in the configuration options of server: "Data Sources/Pictures folder:" must be specified path to this Pictures folder. This is the full path to the directory that contains aircraft pictures. You can leave this blank, but if you do then aircraft pictures will not be displayed. VRS looks in this folder for files of type JPG, JPEG, PNG or BMP whose name is either one of the ICAO identifier of the aircraft or the registration (the ICAO takes precedence over the registration).

          Only with this method of obtaining images by VRS is realised the possibility to show their by request from acarsdeco2.

          However, if you do not have your collection of pictures in VRS, you can specify in settings of the website, that pictures of aircrafts are outputting directly from the site "Thumbnails (". Or other option is: "Pictures or Thumbnails" - depending on what is available: own or third-party resources.

          In VRS website will be formed a direct link to, for example, Unfortunately, the current version of the program may not request such third-party resources and display of aircrafts in acarsdeco2 will not.
          Maybe this is your case.
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            I'm not at all sure if I am of help here on this subject or not but I'll throw this in anyway for what it's worth. I've found two programs that wouldn't display pictures from my 'SBS Basestation' software until I added the folders (copied and pasted) from the original 'Program' folder to the dreaded 'virtual store' folder of the program involved (in my case, 'Basestation'). Windows or the installation of the programs wouldn't do it automatically. For some reason which both baffles and eludes me, Windows will select some files to place in the 'virtual store' but not others.

            They were Active Display (from Gatwick Aviation Society website) and VRS. This was also necessary with Windows 'Vista' as well as the OS I am currently using, Windows 8.1 (upgraded from 8.0). Once I made the change, the pics displayed as I had expected they should. It took many, many days if not weeks of heartache to track this down but once accomplished, was very satisfying. It seems to be a 'feature' of the later versions of Windows which tries to 'protect' certain files/folders from being altered, even if you have 'Administrator' privileges. Play around with the files/folders in the program section and nothing happens (in fact it wont let you change them but interestingly you can overwrite them from the changes you've made in the virtual store). In the virtual store you can change the files/folders to your hearts content and the program responds accordingly.

            If anyone can explain the benefit or sense in that, please let me know- for me, it sucks.

            Hope this may be of assistance,
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              I have Vista and my virtual store folder is empty and always has been, not sure why others have been forced to use it. Very strange.
              I'm not sure where else to ask this but the author is here so here goes, with modesdeco2, the web page output on 8080 doesn't list any DF18 frames but I know I've been getting them because ADSBScope outputs these and I see Mode-S (only) planes on the map, maybe a couple dozen a day. Any thoughts sergsero?


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                Afternoon All,

                Downloaded the zip file and extracted it to an acarsdeco2 folder on the C drive. I then click on the application file and run and nothing happens.

                Any ideas anyone.




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                  Hello Phil,

                  1. This is a console program. Therefore, you must first open a Windows's console (cmd).

                  2. Next, move to the directory in which you unzipped all files and directories from the archive.

                  3. Now you can run the program by specifying the desired options in the command line, and replacing the values in the example on yours:
                  acarsdeco2.exe --gain 38.6 --freq-correction 68 --freq 131550000 --freq 131725000 --http-port 8080 --net 30008
                  4. A list of all available options is displayed by use one --help option.

                  5. To successfully receiving ACARS signals by RTL dongle, in addition to using the proper antenna-feeder device, need to determine the true value of error correction of dongle oscillator in PPM. How to - please read in acarsdeco2.txt.

                  6. For permanent use you can create ad2.bat file in the same directory:
                  @echo off
                  cmd /c  acarsdeco2.exe --gain 38.6 --freq-correction 68 --freq 131550000 --freq 131725000 --http-port 8080 --net 30008
                  7. On the desktop create a shortcut for this ad2.bat file and run it.

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                    Hi sergsero,

                    Thanks for replying, got a basic version working now. How do i get aircraft images to show the aircraft destinations? I would like to use this program at it's full potential but i'm not really much good using the command prompt program.




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                      The program was created to work with VRS. If you have running VRS, it can be a source of additional data for each ACARS aircraft and its picture.
                      To do this, add the command line option URL of VRS as: --vrs-url

                      Another way is to put photos of aircraft in the folder static/pictures/. It's empty already exists.
                      In earlier versions, this folder could be called photos: static/photos/ - just rename it.

                      However, all program features will be available when working with VRS: Lat/Lon, Altitude and so on.



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                        No luck at the moment, what's VRS.



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                          Virtual Radar Server is an open-source .NET application that runs a local web server. You can connect to the web server with any modern browser and see the positions of aircraft on a Google Maps map.

                          In my opinion, today this is the best program for visualization of Mode-S/ADS-B data.

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                            Do i add this command line --vrs-url to my batch file which is currently

                            acarsdeco2.exe --gain 49.6 --freq-correction 60 --freq 131525000 --freq 131725000 --freq 131850000 --http-port 8090

                            Sorry, i am a bit confused with things.

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                              Hi Phil,

                              1. Yes, just replace the IP address and http port that is used for normal access to your VRS.

                              2. You set the maximum value --gain as 49.6 and it may be required in some cases. But usually it is better to pre-determine it empirically in SDR# via better visibility of ACARS signals on the waterfall. Usually the gain value is ~28 - 38.

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                                Thanks for replying, i did not realise your 6 hours ahead of me.

                                Still can't get the pictures to show, can you explain to me how to do it, this is your last reply from yesterday,

                                1. Yes, just replace the IP address and http port that is used for normal access to your VRS.