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  • ACARS question

    Can anyone tell me, what ACARS message (and the format it might look like) is automatically transmitted when an aircraft is on gate, doors shut and ready for departure/pushback?
    Is there a message sent before the parking brakes are released or is it totally dependent on the brakes being released?
    Also is there an ACARS message about the number of persons on board when an aircraft arrives at its destination?
    and lastly do most airlines/aircraft use ACARS still or ATN?

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    Depends on the airline. Here Jetstar use their own frequency and send all sorts of data via it. Others use it for letting groundstaff know of ETA, requirements at the airbridge and so on

    I have seen long strings loaded with //s that indicate fuel burn rate, fuel on board, fuel required at desitnation, load weight and passengers and so on, but can often be hard to decypher.

    I've been in airline offices when their 'telex' printer has spat out a few lines of data from the Sita network indicating their AC has departed/arrived. So it is still used in that way.

    Souls on board/POB is usually done verbally as the AC enters landing sequence, or is reported to ATC on request of start when confirming planned flightroute.

    In here there is an example of a wheels up tx on page 2
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      Thanks for the reply, I've read that, but still am not sure what message to look for when ready on gate (possibly QB)
      What equipment commerically is used to view ACARS messages and can they be filtered to look for certain messages?


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        I don't know of anything commercial. But there is a heap of SW you can use with a scanner tuned in to get the stuff decoded at home.

        Planeplotter, AcarsD. Wacars, Jacars, Posfix

        The list goes on
        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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          Tried some of those but with very poor results


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            Airnav has the "Acars decoder"

            Works via soundcard line in or mic. (line-in preferable).
            I work with it. Works ok if you have a good antenna. Messages recieved up to 300km.
            It is not possible to filter on specific messages.

            Further on, JACARS works only with online ACARS-servers, not as many anymore as there used to be.
            Mine is online (when on air, not 24/7) to read via JACARS and ACARSD.