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  • Receivers for ACARS

    What is recommended?

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    Originally posted by Lasatalayas View Post
    What is recommended?
    Are you talking about radio-receivers?

    greets John
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      Yes. Radio Receivers


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        Im running at the moment on a Iniden Bearcar UBC180XLT.
        Even tho I dont understand., 75% of the messages.

        At least I can also get local(up to Brussels Radar) Radars
        and towers.

        I also understand with the SBS1er a receicer is bulit in.,
        (Dont know, waiting for mine to arrive---de Wimo)

        REgards David EDLM

        Think Ill have to join John on his netor something
        (F-EDLE1)delcomp-DEL-David Tks(My friend Mike, all three of them)

        1090SJ(Ae) /(6m. Ecoflex10) / SBS 3 /-FR24 Box/ Power-line Connection (Ethernet)


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          I'm using a Yupiteru mvt7100 and a Yaesu VX1 at the moment for the receivers some time the set-up is going to go in the loft from the ground floor where its hiding at the moment .. you should get some results using any air band receiver that s stable Digital tuning makes getting to the frequency is allot easer with receivers with PLL ( Digital) Tuners




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            I use AOR3000 ,,sensitive, low squelch,, scanning over 3 ACARS channels

            greets John
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              I'm using my maycon AR-108 and no issues with it.

              Bts Rgrds

              Angelo Rosa


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                i'm using an old uniden 1000 , without any problem.
                i can receive more than 4 strings per minute....with my easy GP,air antenna from sigma brand
                Luca Bottino - IZ5DMQ
                QTH Loc. JN53FU
                Meteo 6 - Lucca


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                  Friend in the United States is using 8 dedicated Uniden Bearcat BC355C for sniffing ACARS.

                  Attached image when he was building his box.
                  Attached Files

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                    Ok for the receiver, but what you need then? And what frequency do you have to monitoring?


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                      U need some software to decode,google on that, there is some freeware, connect the scanner on the line-in of the pc, frequencies

                      131.725 Europe primary (drukste verkeer in nl.)
                      131.525 Europe secundary
                      131.825 Europe secundary
                      136.900 Europe secondary
                      136.750 Europe (nieuw)
                      131.850 new European frequency
                      136.925 ARINC European Channel (active in the uk )
                      131.550 Primary Channel worldwide
                      131.550 USA primary
                      130.025 USA secundary
                      129.125 USA secundary
                      136.850 SITA North American Frequency
                      131.475 Air Canada
                      131.450 Japan

                      admin of ACARS servers


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                        Thans Jsearo, I will try.
                        What's the name of the best freeware software?


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                          Originally posted by clay View Post
                          Thans Jsearo, I will try.
                          What's the name of the best freeware software?
                          look at



                          greets John
                          admin of ACARS servers


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                            Thanks a lot jsearo!


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                              I have been using FlightRadar24 on my new iPad 2 for the past two months and have been very happy with the app.

                              One of my interests is ACARS and I have been running for over 5 years now, and publishing live ACARS data for the Sydney area. I use an Icom R-20 Receiver which has a dual watch function, allowing the monitoring of two frequencies simultaneously (currently 131.550 and 130.450). The receiver is connected to a laptop running AirNav Systems Acars Decoder 2.1. A home developed VB Script translates the Acars log, and Turbo FTP uploads the latest transmissions every 15 minutes to my website. The VB Script also extracts the Acars transmissions with poistion data, and publishes this to my website using Google Maps. These Acars functions can be viewed on my website using the Acars and Acars Map menu options.