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Iomega external drive & Windows 10 - Drive not accessible

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  • Naomi
    Issue now sorted. Workaround in place to restore access.

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  • Iomega external drive & Windows 10 - Drive not accessible

    I use an Acer Aspire E15 laptop on a home wireless network
    I have an Iomega MDHD 500 N external drive connected via Ethernet to wireless hub / router

    Using Win 8 - accessing this external drive was not an issue as it appeared as a Storage Device and I could access all my family photos.

    I have moved to Windows 10 and I have read somewhere that Microsoft has deemed it in my interest to introduce some form of security issue to 'protect' my wireless network.
    The Storage Device now sometimes appears as a Media Device and launches Media Player and sometimes as a Storage Device but I am told the device is not accessible and contact the administrator for access permission.

    I have seen many similar issues highlighted in various tech forums but none exactly match my problem
    There is a real risk I could lose all the data if I go blundering in with trial & error

    I have great faith & trust that the combined expertise of this group's members can offer me a non technical means to access my own data from my own device on my own network!