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  • I need some help

    I im trying to make VRS to go online (internet) but i dont can, i have read many forums and tutorials but without success so if someone can point me to right direction without links to tutorials i ill be thank full.

    Actualy my configs is like that:

    Receiver : Receiver (name)

    format : avr beast raw feed

    location my location)

    connection type: network


    port: 31001

    send keep alive packets.

    web server:

    enable upnp

    upnp port 31001

    Router admin page:

    port forward:

    80-80 ---- (this is my real network ip because is static)--- 31001

    local network works fine but internet no.

    also if you can other software for doing the same job its good to.

    Thanks in advanced

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    ask some friend to try to conecct from internet
    if he connects then you must enter in your pc host file
    For official support use Contact Form


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      all works fine now, i found a page in this forum , and that point me to 192.168.x.x:5784/settings.html where x.x is real ip, afther 3 changes on that page, feeder works fine.