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ATC delays over Southern England

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  • ATC delays over Southern England

    The chaos that occurred on Friday and into today when the ATC computers went down reminds me of a recording (LP record for the older forum members) of David Gunson in the early eighties that I have, entitled "What Goes Up Might Come Down!" He was an ex ATC and worked at Birmingham Airport. The LP is a recording of the talk he gave in March 1981 and part of it mentioned the time when the ATC went down throwing them into a panic- he mentions that a cleaner was in the room and had removed a plug !!!. Looking at the twitter feeds on FR24 last night there was a cartoon of that scenario.
    On a more serious note, I wonder why Governments and other bodies are pressing for a new airport in the South of England with the high density of flights passing over and into the 4 main airports instead of looking further North ( I am a Northerner and prefer Manchester or Liverpool to depart from).

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    YSSY2/T-YSSY4 [SBS-1 Basestation w/- SSE-1090 SJ Mk2 Antenna (Thanks Delcomp) ] [Uniden UBCD996T w/- 16 element Wideband Discone VHF/UHF Antenna, and tuned 108MHz-137MHz Airband Antenna] [Trialing a home-brew 1090MHz collinear antenna]


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      Thanks fungus for the link, I hope many members of FR24 forum listen to this very funny recording. I have still got the LP record and also a tape recording of it to play in the car at times 33 years on.


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        Seem to recall him doing one of our conferences quite some years ago.

        Appears to be still on the circuit: