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What to Do if your ISPs Modem Quits and Can't Get the Status Page to Load

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  • What to Do if your ISPs Modem Quits and Can't Get the Status Page to Load

    This happened to me and I was offline until the ISP technicians arrived and changed the modem.

    If the IP numbering scheme is different in the new modem like verses you can change it to any scheme the old modem had in the new modem advanced settings or options where you can change the starting IP.

    While your are in the options, look for NPnP to see if it is enabled....most of the time it is not but is needed if you wish to collaborate with you FR24 neighbors with Virtual Radar Server,

    Some people used a networked computer binding the ethernet port and wireless port for attaching the FR24 receiver allowing it access to the internet as long as it is that networked computer is on 24/7.

    Other folks use the recommended method of connecting the FR24 receiver via ethernet cable directly to the modem. Connecting directly this way eliminates the roadblock of killing the path to the internet when the computer is off.

    I have used both methods and prefer connecting directly to the modem.

    In the modem advanced settings there is also an option to associate an IP to a MAC address. The MAC address is found on the Status page if you are able to get it to load or the label on the bottom of the FR24 receiver. It is also found on the status page and there is a place for a checkmark if you want to force a static address. If that is unchecked the FR24 receiver will be randomly reassigned an IP whenever the power to the modem is cycled either intentionally or unintentionally and then you will have to chase down the correct address to the Status page. An alternative is login to your premium account and select Your Account, click More Info and on the next page More Info again.

    Some ISPs dumb down the available options on the modem you can overcome this with a special username and password. Google it. Github is where i found mine.

    When catastrophe strikes there are ways to recover.


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    connect box direct to PC
    set static IP in PC in same range as fr24 box
    disable all other network adapters
    connect to box
    disable static in box
    connect box to new modem
    restart box sw
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