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Chopin Airport to Close Runway for Overhaul

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  • Chopin Airport to Close Runway for Overhaul

    Chopin Airport, Poland, will close RWY 3 for six months to carry out major repair work, which last took place almost 30 years ago. All take-offs and landings will be moved to RWY 1.
    The project includes moving the landing threshold 600m towards direction 33, shortening the length available for landing from 3,700m to a little over 3,000m. In addition, a new rapid exit road, Sierra 2, will be built, enabling landing planes to taxi to the intersection with taxiway A, straight into taxiway Z. These modifications are intended to increase capacity significantly.
    The concrete pavement of the runway’s thresholds will be replaced by asphalt concrete, which is easier to maintain and less vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. New high modulus asphalt technologies will offer better resistance to deformation, while making potential repairs quicker and easier.
    The work will also include replacing the wearing course along the entire length of the runway and, partially, the base course. Its load-bearing capacity (PCN) will be upgraded and the cross slope increased to 1%, resulting in better water drainage. The runway repair will run in parallel with work on taxiways Alfa (A0, A1, A2), Romeo (R1 and R2), Oscar (O1) and Sierra (S).
    RWY 3 was due to be closed last night (April 2) but due to weather conditions in Warsaw, the closure has been postponed to April 22. ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt