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  • Scam warning to all members

    Hi everyone, sorry that this has nothing to do with the forum, but i think this is important that everyone knows about these new scams as we all use computers. This scam is run from India and the people have an Indian accent, the phone line is normally quite poor. The main method of the scam is that they say they are from PC TECH SUPPORT and they say that your computer has multiple problems. They then get you to do a few tests, after that they get to type in a web address, this gives them remote access to your pc. If you Google it you will see what i mean, they have scammed thousands of people worldwide. I have reported them to Trading Standards also Microsoft are aware of this. They are also claiming to be your ISP in a similar scam. Also they know your name and there names are bogus, the one i spoke to claimed his name was Robin Day he had an Indian accent. If this post stops one person getting scammed its worth it. All for now.
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