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  • How to report errors 2


    referring to
    I would like to ask again:

    Can anyone say me how to make a good error report ?

    What I found, is to compare the "Flight" in the bar left of the FR24 map with the call sign attached to the plane symbol in the map. Sometimes, if the "Flight" ist wrong, the plane-attached callsign seems to be correct. So I think I could deliver a good error message.

    But here is an example I don't know how to report:
    "Flight" AI1 is in the left bar, and the plane-attached callsign says: AIC1
    In the map, the flight is routing from Nice over the Alps to Hungary and further to east.
    But in the FR24 database and in other sides I read, that AI1 / AIC1 flies from NY JFK to Frankfurt / Germany.
    Both, "Flight" and plane-attached call sign are wrong. This flight never routes over the alps / austria / hungary.

    What is a good report in this case ?
    I ask, because I find many flights in the map routing over Austria, but they don't it in real life.

    Josef / b-707

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    You are still giving too much information to be able to tell what part of your viewed routes have errors.

    Where there is no radar cover (between 2 coastlines for example) the exact flightpath is not know. And therefore a simple rule is given to plot the gap. If this happens to be wrong, the only way to correct it is to get more receivers in between.

    If the flight number is correct, but the destination or origin is wrong, then say so, cite the correction source and ad it to the right forum, in the right format.

    Ie nz90 recently changed to include a new via port this is corrected by writing in forum by:

    Nz 90\anz90 - nrt-chc-akl

    where it travels on the map over water, cannot be changed. Only between radars
    Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers