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Advanced Announcement - Radarspotters to Close on the 31st December 2011

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  • Advanced Announcement - Radarspotters to Close on the 31st December 2011


    [Quote from Hamish McTorsk Radarspotters Administrator]
    Advanced Announcement - Radarspotters to Close on the 31st December 2011

    It is with deep regret that I have to announce that Radarspotters is to close. My health hasn't improved and I want to spend my remaining time persuing other interests. Unless something changes, the forum will close on 31st December 2011.

    I started Radarspotters in March 2009 as an alternative to the AirNav forum. I'd bought a RadarBox and was appalled to see fellow customers having posts or accounts deleted whenever they complained on the AirNav forum. I didn't think that was fair and still don't.

    Since then Radarspotters has grown to become the largest independent forum for the virtual radar hobby with nearly 3,000 members. Others may claim to be bigger but we haven't padded out our membership with spammers.

    Whilst I'm not as visible on the forum as other moderators, I do a lot of behind the scenes technical work keeping it running - fast, smooth and free of spam. We've had a couple of outages over the years but these have been minimal and outside of my direct control.

    I've discussed my plans with our moderators and no one can take on the extra work. I personally own the forum and funded its launch. Since then I've been able to cover the running costs from advertising and donations and Radarspotters will close owing no one any money.

    I know many of you would want Radarspotters to continue but we need someone to take over the technical support work. If Radarspotters were to continue, I'd want to hand it over to someone who will continue to run it as an independent forum supporting all virtual radar products and services.

    If anyone is interested in taking over on this basis, please send me a Personal Message or use the CONTACT FORM with an offer for the site. Andre Brandao of AirNav and Mark Francis of Waters & Stanton needn't apply.

    It would be a great pity if RS vanishes from the radar after all the hard work and heartache that has gone into it.

    Finally I'd like to thank everyone for their support including the members, moderators, suppliers and all those who've freely developed complimentary applications and other services. It's been a pleasure knowing you.

    My best wishes to you all and happy radarspotting.

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    Good to see that a great website has been saved and now has a new owner.

    Good luck Hamish and it would be great if you still visit us.
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      Thanks for that..............


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        Found this posted on a pro-AirNav blog:


        Airnav is now the owner of but they do not wish this to be known.
        Hamish was tricked into transferring the site to Airnav so I suppose that there are some very nasty times ahead for
        This saddens me as Hamish and his team have built what is probably the best virtual radar site on the internet, the members will suffer badly with airnav running the site.

        I have not seen anything to substantiate this allegation and it had nothing to do with me stepping down as a Moderator on Radarspotters.

        In my opinion the new owner should be free to run the forum as he sees fit and I've merely stood aside to give him that freedom. But if AirNav is the new owner, so much for it remaining an independent forum.

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