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Aircraft registrations.

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  • Aircraft registrations.

    Well it is a known fact, that if we buy a book to look at aircraft registrations, it is very likely that it is out of date before it is sold. This is due to the fact that the number of new and deleted registrations can alter overnight. Air Britian gives a load of new reg"s in their book every month. It is surprising the number of alterations.
    So where is the best place to get up to date Reg information ? Well one place you can have a look is re...nfo/search
    It is good for the UK but whether it deals with foreign aircraft I dont know.
    I do not buy registration books now because as I have said things can change so quick.
    I prefer to set up my own database and even then it can become out of date so quick, but I do it where I can cross reference to a particular aircraft by date.
    Perhaps someone on here should set up a subforum within this forum to deal exclusively with registrations. Mind you it would be a very busy job keeping it up to date and depending on reports from enthusiasts all over the country.


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    Hi Bill.

    This is a good database, its clear and easy to use and updated on a regular basis.

    You can also use FlightRadar24 database.

    Mike / Speedbird
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      Thank you mate.
      By heck this is a super forum, so much information and some very nice people, it is nice to be on here.



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        Another source of regsitrations is the Gatwick Aviation Society which has a hex code lookup on the website:


        Mind you, if it works as it should, your RadarBox has a database.

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          Good morning Anmer, hope you are well, me ? I have got the mother of all colds, strugglnig this morning.

          Anyway thanks for that mate, have a good day.