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  • What do you use ?

    So, what equipment for viewing at an airport or airfield do other members use ?

    I have got some simple binoculars, a small pair of Tasco ones, which suffice, they do the job well, but I also have a Barr and Stroud "Sahara 20" spotting scope 60x80, tripod mounted and I use that in my "observation area" in my back garden where there is good viewing and it is always busy with traffic out of LHR and Luton and the local field, Cranfield.

    It would be interesting to know what other members use.


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    My optics of choice are Canon IS 10 x 30. I have other higher magnification Canon IS and a zoom Kowa scope but the 10 x 30 are the best.

    Light to use and the IS (Image Stabilisation) takes some beating when it comes to clocking tail logos at height or registrations at lower levels.

    Radarspotting since 2005


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      Yes there is such a lot on the market these days mate, I am happy with what I use, but luckily we are in a prime position for anything overhead so viewing is 95% good.
      Believe it not mate, when I very first started in the hobby in the early 60s, I used a pair of Army, world war 2 binoculars in their webbing army case and when you look through them you get the sight marking, no zoom no nothing really, but they are brilliant "old timers", I have still got them today, upstairs in my cupboard, I fetch them out every now and then and give them an airing.
      I might take a photo of them and put it on here if I remember.