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Night flight ban would hurt Germany -Lufthansa

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  • Night flight ban would hurt Germany -Lufthansa

    Night flight ban would hurt Germany
    Night-time flights are essential to ensure Germany does not lose its place in the freight market to the Middle East, Lufthansa CEO Christoph Franz said on Friday.
    “The threat of a night flight ban is hanging like the Sword of Damocles over Frankfurt,” Franz said at a logistics conference.
    Currently, 17 movements – starts or landings – are permitted at Frankfurt airport, Germany’s largest, between 2300 CET and 0500 CET.
    However, a court in Leipzig will decide on whether to allow an appeal calling for a complete ban on night flights in the autumn, just as airport operator Fraport plans to open its new landing strip. ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt

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    "Oh" dear thats a bit naughty, after all 17 flights is not a lot. I would not have thought a place like Frankfurt would suffer anything like that, never been there, is it near a highly populated area then ?



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      I don't think night flights are to much of problem, as most Aircraft are fairly quite compared to older Aircraft.

      Frankfurt am Main has three runways so that would help with noise problems even more.

      It does not look as built up as say LHR.,8.57/13

      I live right under the flight path and night flights never wake me up.

      Mike / Speedbird
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        Well it is the same with me,we live under a flightpath, where airplanes are levelling off from London, also we have a local airfield with lots of little Cessnas flying around and "choppers", but it never bothers me, perhaps because we are in the hobby we accept it unlike people who find any noise intrusive.