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Plane not showing on Flightradar24, but showing on Flightaware

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  • mtalia16
    The same had happened to my friend's aircraft (tail ZP-ATI). there's nothing wrong with the aircraft equipment!! it appears in FlightAware but all of a sudden, FR24 stopped showing the aircraft. I already sent an email to FR24 but they didn't provide a solution. It's something on their software, not the aircraft.

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  • remus.brad
    Thank you for the response, but I think that MLAT is not the issue. The receiver is located at the airport, traffic can be seen in taxi, so it's not in town. Checked on the FlightAware, there is no feed from that receiver at LRSB, only from other private.
    The question is if they can filter the traffic on the receiver based on ADS-B source? I mean that my transponder TRT800H is using a NMEA GPS, not certified on the transponder. However, I as previously mentioned, my tracks were visible till last November...
    Thanks again.

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  • Oblivian
    Probably reason 3

    GA traffic had decreased since telling users to turn off mlat. So many just shut down and went to others

    not everyone feeds to all places

    There are a few reasons why your aircraft may not be shown.    First, the aircraft may not be fitted with an ADS-B transponder, meaning it is not compatible with our receiver network.    Second, if the aircraft is fitted with a Mode S transpo...

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  • Plane not showing on Flightradar24, but showing on Flightaware

    Hello everyone,
    I have a Mode-S extended transponder fitted on my plane (tail YR5720) and flight track were shown on Flightradar24. Since last November, my flight are no longer tracked on this site, but other planes landing on LRSB are (my home airport). First, I suspected my transponder or GPS, but searching on the web, I found that my ADS-B broadcast appeared on Flightaware, as all my last flights. Were is the problem? I don't want to switch from Flightradar24 account to another site.
    Thank you for your help.