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    Originally posted by scanhorse View Post
    Right now i dont find old thread about " Pet Airways "
    but here is a new article

    Pet Airways Becomes The PAWS Pet Company, Significantly Broadening Its Markets Into Innovative Pet Services

    Pet Airways continues to fly as PAWS Pet Company release results

    Pet-only airline a no-show in St. Louis

    Pet Airways has been dogged by delays and remains a St. Louis no-show nearly one year after announcing local plans for pet-friendly air service.
    The airline announced last April that its turboprop aircraft would start picking up Paw-sengers in a Lambert-St. Louis International Airport space that was to be outfitted to resemble a veterinarian’s office.
    But the St. Louis Airport Authority last fall canceled a three-year lease with Pet Airways for the 9,451-square-foot building space and 8,842 square feet of unenclosed space in Lambert’s Cargo City complex.

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      And now monkeys

      First snakes, now monkeys. An escaped monkey held up a flight at New York's JFK airport for nearly four hours Thursday. There was a lot of monkey business in the cargo hold of the Air China Boeing 747, and Port Authority emergency-services officers and an airport worker had to go looking for the little guy. They caught the animal before it managed to get out of the jet’s cargo hold. But he was only one of about 60 monkeys being shipped to China for medical research.
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        Patients 'lose out' as Air China stops flying lab monkeys to US

        PETA accused of putting animals before humans following campaign to ground primate flights
        LAST UPDATED AT 15:22 ON Thu 2 Aug 2012
        ANIMAL rights campaigners have described Air China's decision to stop transporting primates to research laboratories as a 'victory' – but medical patients have been warned they are in a "lose-lose situation".

        Peta has been campaigning for the airline to stop flying the animals from China to the USA since last year.

        Around 24,000 Peta supporters have emailed the airline since 12 July and earlier this week the campaign group asked thousands of its Facebook and Twitter followers to phone Air China Cargo's main office to complain. Within 24 hours, Air China had written to Peta to confirm that it had "stopped conducting this business".

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          Swarm of thousands of bees delay Pittsburgh flight

          Imperial, Pa.— A beekeeper says he had to be called into gather up a swarm of thousands of bees that delayed a Delta Air Lines flight from Pittsburgh International Airport to New York.

          Master beekeeper Stephen Repasky tells KDKA-TV he was called out on Wednesday when the bees gathered on the wing of the plan as crews were getting ready to fuel the plane.

          Repasky says such swarms form when colonies become too large and the queen leaves half of her bees behind to find a new home. Some swarms can contain 25,000 to 30,000 bees.

          Repasky says it's likely there's a wild honeybee colony at the airport somewhere.

          The beekeeper was called to remove the insects because they're a protected species that cannot legally be killed.


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            Swedish Aerial Novices , Drop Teddy Bears

            Swedish Aerial Novices Penetrate Belarus, Drop Teddy Bears

            A Swedish advertising agency that freely admits charging ridiculously high amounts for its advertising, spent some of that money on an escapade over Belarus.

            Flying a single engine plane on July 4, two members of the company who had learned to fly exclusively for that purpose, ventured into Belarussian airspace to parachute hundreds of teddy bears. The idea of bombarding with the teddy bears was received from dissidents in Belarus, who had stationed teddy bears carrying protest signs instead of humans who would face arrest under the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko.


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              Originally posted by scanhorse View Post
              Swedish Aerial Novices Penetrate Belarus, Drop Teddy Bears

              A Swedish advertising agency that freely admits charging ridiculously high amounts for its advertising, spent some of that money on an escapade over Belarus.


              Teddy bears assault Belarus; Lukashenko enraged

              Belarus’ authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko has sacked two of the nation’s top defense officials after two Swedish advertising agency employees piloted a light plane into the country’s heavily guarded airspace, dropping 879 teddy bears decked out in parachutes and slogans supporting human rights.

              Officials in the ex-Soviet state denied the July 4 incident until Lukashenko called a meeting last week to scold authorities for allowing such a “provocation.”

              The Belarusian ruler nicknamed “Europe’s last dictator” on Tuesday fired the nation’s air defense chief and the head of the Border Guards service and reprimanded several other top security officials, his office said Wednesday.

              Thomas Mazetti and Hannah Frey, the two Swedes behind the stunt, said they wanted to show support for Belarusian human rights activists and embarrass the country’s military, a pillar of Lukashenko’s power.

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                Swedish teddy bear dissent organizers refuse to stand questioning

                MOSCOW, August 15 - RAPSI. The Swedish pilots who illegally flew into Belarussian airspace in order to drop teddy bears in protest of the country's human rights record say they will not go to Minsk to be questioned, according to an open letter distributed on the Internet Tuesday. The Swedish citizens expressed concern about their freedom.

                They recalled in their open letter that they had proposed a similar meeting at the Swedish Embassy in Minsk, but that the diplomatic mission had since been closed.

                Relations between Minsk and Stockholm were strained after teddy bears with mottos in support of freedom of speech had been thrown out of a Swedish plane illegally crossing Belarusian airspace in early June.

                After this incident the Belarusian Foreign Ministry decided not to extend the accreditation of Swedish ambassador Stefan Ericsson, which Stockholm considered an expulsion. In response Sweden expelled the Belarusian ambassador who was posted in Sweden. After this, Belarus recalled its embassy in Stockholm and proposed that Sweden do the same.



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                  Singapore Airlines To Fly Giant Pandas To Singapore

                  Singapore Airlines To Fly Giant Pandas From China To Singapore

                  The giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia will arrive in Singapore on 6 September 2012, flown in comfort from Chengdu on board a Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter.

                  Throughout their journey, the cabin temperature will be kept at between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius, consistent with the temperature of the pandas’ natural habitat in Sichuan. A team of keepers and vets from both China and Singapore will also keep them company on the flight to ensure their well-being.

                  Once the pandas arrive in Singapore, they will be transported to their new home, the River Safari, in a temperature-controlled vehicle.

                  Singapore Airlines is the Official Airline for the giant panda collaborative programme between Wildlife Reserves Singapore, parent company of the River Safari, and the China Wildlife Conservation Association.

                  Under the sponsorship agreement, Singapore Airlines will be transporting the pandas to Singapore. Singapore Airlines and SilkAir are also providing air tickets for training and exchange programmes involving zookeepers, veterinarians and researchers from both Singapore and China.


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                    Originally posted by scanhorse View Post
                    MOSCOW, August 15 - RAPSI. The Swedish pilots who illegally flew into Belarussian airspace in order to drop teddy bears in protest of the country's human rights record say they will not go to Minsk to be questioned, according to an open letter distributed on the Internet Tuesday. The Swedish citizens expressed concern about their freedom.
                    Belarus president dismisses foreign minister

                    Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, sacked his foreign minister Sergei Martynov on Monday. Martynov's dismissal follows a Swedish pro-free speech stunt that dropped teddy bears from a small airplane onto the capital last month. The move embarrassed the regime which initially denied its airspace had ever been breached.

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                      Monkey creates havoc at airport

                      Passengers had a harrowing time on Friday morning when a monkey ran amok on the roof of the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Amausi, terminal.
                      A monkey entered the airport premises and started jumping on the terminal roof creating panic among the passengers of Indigo airways who were standing near the departure gate.
                      “During the hullabaloo the simian entered the terminal. Airport security staff had a tough time chasing the monkey and managing the crowd gathered outside the terminal,” an eyewitness told HT.
                      Airports Authority of India (AAI) officials said they had already written to the forest department to take action against the increasing population of stray monkeys in the precincts of the airport.
                      “We have already written to the authorities to control the growth of unauthorised colonies near the airport. They contribute to a great extent in inviting the stray simians, dogs and cattle, which enter the secured airport area,” airport director Suresh Chand Hota, who was in Delhi to attend a departmental meeting, told HT over the phone.
                      “The AAI has taken serious note of today’s incident and has written to the forest department to catch the simians in the area for ensuring safety of the passengers. Besides, we have also written to the municipal corporation to catch cattle entering the airport zone. They have been asked to take strict action against illegal meat shops operating in the area,” he added.

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                        Air India stops ferrying animals for labs

                        Mumbai, Sep 1 (IANS) After protests by rights activists, Air India has stopped ferrying animals like rabbits, cats and dogs for laboratory tests, where they are experimented upon and finally killed, a PETA official said Saturday.
                        "Air India, in an e-mail to PETA, has confirmed that a circular was sent to all stations in its network instructing them not to accept animals being transported for experimental purposes, and that the situation would be closely monitored," Chaitanya Koduri, a policy advisor of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said.
                        Air India has also confirmed that it has banned ferrying animals for experimentation purpose from all its national and international flights since last week.
                        The carrier's move came after PETA showed Air India a copy of an airway bill documenting that the airline transported a shipment of animals for experimental purposes in laboratories.
                        With this, PETA now plans to take up the same issue with all other private Indian air operators urging them for a similar humane commitment, Koduri said.
                        Air India is now among international airlines like Air Lingus, British Airways, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and, recently, Air China which decline transporting rabbits, rodents, dogs, cats, primates and other creatures destined for laboratories.

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                          VIDEO: Rogue kangaroo captured at Melbourne Airport

                          A kangaroo has been captured after hours on the loose at Melbourne Airport.

                          The 'roo was earlier spotted on a pedestrian bridge leading to a terminal before bouncing its way into a car park.

                          Wildlife control officers safely captured the animal.

                          It’s not the first time a kangaroo has made its way in to the airport car park – last October one of the jumping critters made it to the fifth level of the building before it was captured and later released back into the wild.

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                            High drama: Qantas python's flying circus

                            QANTAS had its own dramatic ''snakes on a plane'' episode when a three-metre python joined passengers on an early morning flight to Papua New Guinea.

                            But unlike Samuel L. Jackson's 2006 fictional Hollywood blockbuster in which a nest of vipers causes death and destruction on a jet, this reptile was concerned only with self-preservation.

                            QF191 was about 20 minutes into its 6.15am flight from Cairns to Port Moresby on Thursday when a woman pointed outside the plane and told cabin crew: ''There's a snake on the wing … there's its head and if you look closely you can see a fraction of its body.''

                            Rick Shine, a snake expert at the University of Sydney, said the specimen was a ''very uncomfortable'' scrub python, the longest snake in Australia.

                            ''There's no way it could be anything else,'' he said. ''They're common in north Queensland. They're ambush predators and if there are rodents anywhere nearby, they'll most likely be in the vicinity. They often find their way into tight ceiling spaces in houses, although I've never heard of one on a plane until now.''

                            One passenger, Robert Weber, a website designer in Cairns, said: ''The people at the front were oblivious to what was going on but the passengers at the back were all totally focused on the snake and how it might have got onto the aircraft.

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                              Alligator heads toward main runway

                              A 7-foot alligator that was heading towards the runway at Punta Gorda Airport in South Florida nearly caused a collision with a commercial jet. Fortunately, the alligator was stopped before either the alligator or the commercial jetliner was hurt, reports UPI on Jan. 12, 2013.

                              As both alligator and commercial jetliner were heading towards the airport’s main runway, Punta Gorda Airport’s security called Agriculture Det. Justin Treworgy.

                              Agriculture Det. Justin Treworgy found the alligator about 30 feet away from the main runway as the commercial jetliner was approaching for its imminent arrival. While an FWC officer and an airport security officer distracted the alligator, Tregworthy snuck up behind the alligator and quickly clamped his hands around the alligator’s scaly mouth.

                              After taping the alligator’s mouth shut, Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) officers drove the alligator away from the flight line and the flight path of the commercial jetliner and relocated the alligator to an area that was more suitable for an alligator.

                              If the alligator would have been successful in his runway approach, it could have caused “a serious problem” for both the alligator and the commercial jetliner, reported Bob Carpenter from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department.


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