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    "What is becoming of this site if bad info is uploaded and you cannot trust the database or the people that add to it.
    Tyke restart your blog people will always steal or copy your info like they do now, myself i do not repost new airliners boeing or airbus they go in my private d/b.
    Now after this i have a lot of info to recheck."

    Swifty, I am replying in a separate thread in the off-topic section because the mods would have probably removed any reply made there.

    People cannot steal or copy what isn't there. That is the underlying reason why I ended it. But regardless, you have 2 blog sites and 2 google sheets at your disposal for Boeing production already so why do you wish for me to restart?

    I could restart it tomorrow, but only for a minimum combined contributions/donations of 500 per month up front. Why? Because a) to provide a 5-star quality service with accurate data which has been thoroughly researched and cross-checked before publishing takes time and effort to compile, and b) after the blatant copy and paste aggravation I suffered from one individual with the previous iteration, that's how much I'd want for me to not give a damn what happens to my work once published.

    As the likelihood of this ever happening is slim to zero then you're stuck with your 2-star "service," but at least it's free, right? I did consider offering it on a subscription where you would log-in to access the data once you'd subscribed, but all that would happen there is I'd probably get a handful of subs but I can guarantee at least of them would copy and paste the data from the private area into the public domain and to sites like ATDB, Planebase, Puget blog etc, and that's just not cricket.

    Unless you can arrange the funding I'd want to restart then I'll leave you to look forward to the CONFIRMED Iran Air B77Ws and the apparently endless stream of SCAT 737-8s..