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Is this true of planespotters?

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  • Is this true of planespotters?

    This may not only apply to planespotters but could so well apply to those of us who for whatever reason enjoy this great hobby called FlightRadar24;

    That's possibly why at after 11.00PM here I'm still feeding FR24 and watching, waiting...

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    Just like being at the air shows.
    That one interesting aircraft could land after the air show is over and the runway is back open to regular air traffic.
    Waiting for any static display aircraft to take off after the air show to get that awesome photo.

    Here is the working URL link for the story.
    [ Feeder Station List ][ Map ][ Latest Feeders Rank Stats ][ Radar Feeders WorldWide Map ][ VRS Feeder List ] (NEW)


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      If you hadn't worked it out given this is in the 'off topic' zone.. that reply (removed) was spam I have to deal with daily.

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