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7.8 EARTHQUAKE New Zealand near Christchurch.

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  • 7.8 EARTHQUAKE New Zealand near Christchurch.

    Oblivian, Hope you and everyone else are ok down there. Prayers your way from me.

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    Totally overlooked this one for some reason...

    We were sure shaken up that night, but we were far enough away it didn't directly effect us this time. By the time the waves got to us it just made it very hard to stand up and all the drains and water tanks sloshed about for a good few minutes. I did have to evacuate away from the coastline in fear of tsunamis however at 2am local. So work the following day wasn't fun on only a couple of hours of sleep where Adrenalin wasn't pumping.

    Our wellington brothers were hit a bit more as it moved its way north. A number of buildings have had to be demolished there due to structural damage
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