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  • Another Hello

    Just thought I would say hello to all in here.

    Had forgotten that I purchased a USB TV dongle before Christmas, so when I found it in a clear up, installed it and now have it feeding into FR24 :-)

    Am only using the very wee antenna that came with it and it is sat on a windowsill at the back of the house, but appears to be working I type am picking up messages from a Thomson 757 that is at FL370 over Brest on its way to Lanzarote.

    May look at getting a fully fledged antenna in the future, but this is enough at present to 'feed my geek'

    On a slightly different topic, does anyone know if you can use the USB dongle with a Raspberry Pi as have one of those that I can use and that will be less of a hit on my energy bill than my current machine.

    Cheers all

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    here is how
    For official support use Contact Form


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      Many thanks for the link, will have a look at that over teh next week or two.

      I take it there is an image that has all the required software built into it so is just a case of burning it to a SD card, plug in and away you go?

      Going to make myself a collinear antenna too over the weekend. May go for 12 elements as wil be erected in not have SWMBO approval for external mounted antenna.