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  • Chat, I want this sorting an NOW

    Dylan should be gone forever
    Last edited by Shane Peet; 2014-03-16, 18:10. Reason: removal of personal data

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    FaceBook me quickly Shane, will tell you something.
    As for the chat... well............. TBH It needs all mods just GONE except ricloek and OH-BOMM, and bring in new ones!
    Not so much cheers...


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      Originally posted by dylanjgrant View Post
      FaceBook me quickly Shane, will tell you something.
      As for the chat... well............. TBH It needs all mods just GONE except ricloek and OH-BOMM, and bring in new ones!
      Not so much cheers...
      You can't really throw a blanket statement like that around so willingly.

      Actually, it's more a case of all regulars who are often found on it, and build a reputation and persona that other regulars become acustom too, need to think about what they are dicussing between each other from an outsider persepective.

      As with most clubs/classrooms/regular meetups. (Human nature in general) New people to established organisations tend to first introduce themselves. And then build a databank of what the others do and do not like to be called, talked to about, and their personal interests and strengths that can spark conversation. However anyone new comming along and joining in after the main group has become knowledged about each other cannot catch up to the same status in a matter of minutes. As a result will often take on how others are acting/saying and absorb the information from different sources. Whether it be right or wrong information a clouded view is made. That's just how people work.

      In a chatroom situation such as thus, this often materialises in basic banter or 'inside joke' references/welcomes/friendly tounge-in-cheek comments between regular users being taken as 'the norm' and OK to to be said even comming from someone relativley new or unknown. End result, perceived 'my friend only' actions are taken on by other people and not seen in the same light or as an annoyance/abusive.

      I'm often sitting there, just watching. If there is nothing of interest being said, or anything I have valuable to contribute - I don't
      Yet, I see others giving each other a snide remark here and there, or inside joke digs. Damn near personal attacks.

      Mix this with people who do not natively speak english every day, or have a strong grasp on common english comedy/quips and phrases, you have a molotov cocktail for disaster.

      If I was a new user, visiting for the first time for some real-life person assistance on clearing filters for instance, comming in mid-conversation and saw some of the comments made by regular users about certain airlines, or other users talking to each other (with only them) knowing what they are saying will be taken lightly, I would probably be shocked and potentially disgusted.

      Something to mull over. You may know other people, and be fine with the way you talk to each other. But onlookers who may not know everyone else won't see written text in the same light or tone.

      I must once again stress, Chat is a self-regulated medium. People on it are responsible for their own actions. The rest of us are there to keep an eye on things and attempt to keep the peace and help people who are after legitimate information or assistance.
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        Well written Oblivian ['Like' button pressed]

        It's tough, I think we need PMs (possibly with conversations only being initiated by people with a minimum posts count to defeat spammers), to give admins the ability to message individual users and for established users to take 'private' chats to skype, facebook, etc. without having to reveal private contact info to the world.


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          Seriously? I came back on after my ban, all normal and then get banned:
          You have been banned!
          Your limit of Banns have been attained,. Your membership is being considered by Administration.

          If you're going to ban me, at least spell bans right! Delcomp needs to go, otherwise te chat is going to lose a lot of members...


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            Naa dylan i support the mods on banning you


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              What's the reason?


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                the amount of times you have been banned


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                  Originally posted by dylanjgrant
                  But I haven't done anything in over a month? Stupid ******** moderators!
                  Sorry but we do not tolerate swearing, you have now been banned until further notice.
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                    Originally posted by Shane Peet View Post
                    Hi, i want this stupid sarcastic little pick to be removed as MOD. I must admit there are some fair mods on there but this one is the stupidest idiot i have ever chatted to. I have had passed experiences with this idiot and emailed mike about them. I am Shane Peet been on the chat since 2012 and i am a premium member.

                    The chat is provided "as is", mainly to chat about ongoing aviation related events around the world, but also some simple FR24 support for users with basic question. Everyone is invited to join and take part in the discussion. If you don't behave or insult other people you will get kicked out or banned. If you don't like the chat or what is written in the chat your are free to leave any time.

                    The chat has no connection to premium-accounts and a premium account does not give any advantages in the chat. You can read more about premium on


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                      So, we can speak anything aviation? Tell David (delcomp) that then, so we stop getting banned for speaking about our local airfields!


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                        Publicly posting your issues with another member will get you nowhere.

                        Keep it up and the powers that be will likely help you lose the ability here too.

                        About 3 seconds away from closing yet another thread
                        Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


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                          What a load of Rubbish,.. You can close this Thread Craig..

                          Children will play..
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