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Problem with chat ?

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  • Problem with chat ?

    Last weekend I was looking on fr24 with chat enabled , looking on the links that people post on flights ott the uk . I flicked back on to chat , for it to say " you have been banned bye bye " and I have not been able to access chat since ?

    I had not even made a post that day ? and cant see why I have excluded from chat ? mistake ?

    I found chat and ric loec extremely informative , can anyone help me please.

    I was logged in as Jezza

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    OK,. Jared.. I will make inquires.
    From what you say,. I would think,. it was a mistake.

    Your Post has been inculded in the Chat Moderators room for All MODs to see.
    And that they should check who,. before carrying out a Bann

    My Apologizes for any inconvences.But this can happen in the heat of the moment
    when there is disturbing members in Chat..
    And unfortunatly, we cannot see who gave the Bann, or remove it.
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      There was only one mod in the room at the time and went by an airport code " LGHH " or something similar

      Hope this helps ?