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  • Scanhorse has left us

    Ulf's receiver has been offline for a week, so I have been trying to reach him without success. 5 minutes ago I received a phone call from his daughter who told me that Ulf has passed away last Wednesday.

    Very sad news for our community as Ulf was a real aviation fan and loyal member on our forum and chat.
    R.I.P. Ulf

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    sad news to hear
    my thoughts and condolences to the family.
    i wish the family all the best in these hard times.


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      You will be sadly missed Mr Horse. Great guy, so full of information. My thoughts are with your family. Lest he be looking down on us from a great FL.


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        Im very very sorry.


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          I am so sorry to hear this news.

          I have no more to say other than Goodbye and Thank You Ulf.


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            Very sad to hear.

            Rest in peace Ulf
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              To one of the Originals of FR24

              Your presence we miss.
              Your memory we will treasure.
              Forgetting you never.

              Now you can Dusen dusen at a higher FL.
              and your song,will alway remind me,.of you.

              To the guy who gave the name of the chat-
              room,. "Nuthouse"

              Regards to Bernard when you see him,..Rest in Peace

              And deepest sympathy to all Family and Friends.
              Bbye Ulf
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                Sad to read this news today RIP

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                  I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Ulf, 'Scanhorse.' I loved reading his many informative contributions to this forum, and catching him 'blasting' into the English chatroom. He was a real character and a prolific contributor to this forum. I'm sure he had many aviation fans who likewise enjoyed his input and contribution to FR24. Condolences and our sympathy to family and friends from us all from this side of the world. RIP 'Horse'.
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                    That was a shocker ... Hvil i fred, Ulf. Keep track of them planes from the big tower in the sky.
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                      very sad news indeed. Ulf was around when i first joined flightradar24. he became a very good friend and will be sadly missed by this community. i am truly lost for words, so Ulf Godspeed. Scanhorse R.I.P.


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                        sad news to hear
                        my thoughts and condolences to the family.
                        i wish the family all the best in these hard times.
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                          Very sad to hear this bad news.

                          R.I.P. Ulf
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                            Thanks to Karl, who found the full version


                            We will miss this big aviation fan :-(
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                              Rock your chair my friend... keep an eye on us, together with Bernard..