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Having to sign in every time.

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  • Having to sign in every time.

    All of a sudden,I find that I have to sign in every time I visit FR24,even though I have ticked 'Remember Me'.I also have to reset my settings every time.I realise that my PC could be to blame,but could anyone advise me on what to check to stop this nuisance?

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    Delete the " cookie" from your browser and try again to see if it will fix the problem
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      It does not. I have asked about this before and I still have the problem.
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        I have the same issue with sign-in's using Chrome.
        Seems to me variable, as sometimes it remembers, but most times not.
        Deleting cookies, cache etc, makes no difference.


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          This has just begun to happen with me,and I've been using FR24 with Chrome for quite a while.However,using Chrome extension 'Click and Clean' and deleting all cookies,and clearing the cache,I find everything's OK now.I might add,I was having trouble with other sites at the same time,so it might be down to the settings on 'C&C'.I'll keep an eye on it for now,but what I did seems to have cured the problem