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  • How does this forum work?

    This question comes out after you deleted my prevous post about the missing coverage in Rome.
    I can understand you don't allow people posting issue about coverage, but let me ask you two questions:
    Would it be nice to "kindly" leave a PM to the person you deleted a message, just to let him know what you did?
    If this kind of messages are not allowed, is there a place to post issues? Or you thig you are so perfect that issues may not exist?
    Your answer would be apprecciated before you delete this post again.
    Thank you.
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    Directly on you can find this:

    That links to!/about.php

    When you enter the Flightradar24 forum there is a thread that says "Sticky: Important: Read this before you ask questions!"

    In this thread there is this information

    Important: Read this before you ask questions!

    Answers on many questions posted in this forum can be found on Flightradar24 info page. Please read that page before asking questions.!/about.php

    If you have questions regarding coverage or missing coverage please read on Flightradar24 info page ->!/about.php

    On you can find this information:

    Last week had coverage in my area, but not any more. Why? is a network of receivers around the world. Some receivers are online 24/7 and others are only online from time to time. There are many reasons why a receiver is offline. There can be a technical problems with the receiver, with the antenna, with the computer or with the Internet connection. There is also a possibility that the owner of the receiver has closed down his receiver. With over 500 receivers connected to the network, Flightradar24 cannot tell why different receivers are offline, and when they will be back online. If you want to be sure to have coverage in your area, buy a receiver and connect it to Flightradar24

    I'm sorry, but we cannot post the same answer over and over and over again, just because people don't read the information.
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      Thank you. I've seen this. But "education" teaches us to notify this to the poster.
      And, anyway, a forum section about this kind of issues would be apprecciated.