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    In the last few weeks and months users in the FR24 Database section ( are always asking again and again why their aircraft-post aren't getting added/corrected(no matter if it's a new little Cessna somewhere in Africa or a 737 in the USA) . If I look through back until August it seems like about 90% are still not done or getting ignored. It's very annoying to post every single plane 2-4 time just for getting edited
    But what's the reason for that

    I know editing all this planes is a lot of work but how about adding some new database-editors? We have great users here in the forum that providing us with a lot of information(like nomad77, rik130 and F-SVBS1).

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    I don't think they make any changes anymore in the database for aircraft that's registered by the FAA.
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      Ok, but what about the other 99% of planes in the database?
      Btw. I've tried 3 different ways to get in touch, but all of them failed.

      1. Posted them here in the forum, still getting ignored.
      2. Support, saied they're not responsible for the database and their editor-accounts.
      3. Sent a few mails to admin Mike, but still waiting for a response since August!