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Solar Impulse 2 HB-SIB over San Francisco Bay Area

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  • Solar Impulse 2 HB-SIB over San Francisco Bay Area

    4/23/16. Scheduled to land at Moffett Field around 12:00 am PST.
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      It's transponder must be really low power as I can barely get a lock on it from 35 miles away at 5K alt.
      I'm within 5 miles of Moffett Field so it should get much stronger once it clears the mountains.
      It looks like it's heading in for an approach now.


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        Just picked up Solar Impulse 2 strong on my receiver. Looks like mode-S only and not ADS-B. Should be a T-MLAT radar source. At one point I saw T-SOLAR as the radar source. The rest of the time it was T-KSJC18 and T-KSFO1.
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          Final approach, landing from the nw to the se opposite the normal direction for the area. Signal level over 100 and no positional data.

          Edit: It looks like it's passing the runway at 675 for an approach from the SE which is the normal direction.

          Edit2: Solar 2 just landed at Moffett. Watched it live on FR24 even though abc 7 local news spent the air time on commercials.
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            Solar Impulse 2 safely on the ground at Moffett Field. 4/23/16 11:53pm PST.
            Note the Radar ID: T-SOLAR
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              Impulse Solar 2 6/21/16 12:21 PST

              Real Time update screenshot of Solar 2 on FR24.

              Edit, to clarify this screenshot was taken at 12:21 am PST June 21st a few minutes ago .
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