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Camera for Planespotting?

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  • Camera for Planespotting?

    Hello Guys,
    I need some expert advice so that i can buy a good camera for Planespotting.

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    My experience with airplane photography is limited but I do know my way around my camera's (EOS 70D, 450D) and postprocessing

    First things first: It's not the camera that makes a good picture's the person behind the camera.
    Your first shots are going to be....(how do i put this politely)....bad. It might look good on the camera screen but when you're home your going to be hitting your head. It takes practice to master your camera settings and get the feel for it. Taking pictures of moving/landing aircraft is harder than it looks. A shoot of a baby/toddler is waayyy easier.

    Your question is like an airline (that you know nothing of) saying it would like to buy an aircraft, and asking you what you would recommend.

    In general I would say: There is no one good camera. It depends on your budget and the type of shot's you want to take.
    In Plane spotting distance is you enemy so you'll probably want a good zoom depending on the location where you're going to do your spotting.
    Also a camera with continues shooting is preferred for landing and take off shots. Keep in mind that a cheap (and slow) card can negatively effect the number of consecutive shots. (Found it out the hard way)

    This is probably not the answer you were hoping for but there are so much possibilities you need to tell us a little bit more like
    What camera are you currently considering
    How much do you want to spend now and/or in the future
    Do you have photography experience
    Do you want a point and shoot, DSLR or mirror-less camera...

    Don't forget: great pictures come from practice...practice...and....practice....


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      Nikon P900 or canon Sx60


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        canon eos600D is a good option


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          Originally posted by skyspotter View Post
          Nikon P900 or canon Sx60
          I agree with the suggested hardware...


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            Canon SX60 or sony hsx300V


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              The best advice given so far is to be found in the first reply from GitseBase. It is pointless to recommend a particular brand and model of camera to someone else. Eventually as you refine your technique for aircraft photography (or any other genre) the lenses you have available will be far more important than the camera. It is mostly cheaper to replace a camera body than even a couple of good lenses so pick a camera brand and stick to it because the lenses you buy will be an investment - the camera rarely is. You do need, of course, to pick a camera brand with interchangeable lenses and one that has been around a long time and is likely to be in the future. Nikon, Canon and Pentax are but three that fill the bill. Sorry, but in my opinion electronics brands like Sony do not. The initial price you pay for a first camera and lens need not be excessive because if the bug bites they will not be the last - the important thing is to get out there taking as many photos as possible.