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Can I track a flight in the past (where did that plane go?)

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  • Can I track a flight in the past (where did that plane go?)

    Hi out there, I hope someone can help me out:
    I all starts when my son (11) forgot his mobile phone in a plane CPH-Barcelona (JK038) last Thursday (October 14). The phone didn't show up in the lost&found in Barcelona, so the next logical step is to figure out what was the next destination of that plane - maybe it was foun and given to lost&found there.
    Does FlightRadar24 - or some other accessible source - keep records of where the planes went? I have not been successful in getting this information from Spanair...


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    Is it possible to see history of flights on ?
    Not directly, but you can find info about flights from the last 14 days at
    JK38 was flown on 2010-10-14 by EC-IJU (A321)
    JKK034 seen @ 2010-10-14 16:59 CET on route from CPH to BCN
    JKK5734 seen @ 2010-10-14 19:15 CET


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      Thanks Mike - this is brilliant!
      Apparantly the registrations are not quite accurate - it seems like JK038 was observed flying from CPH to PMI (Mallorca) that morning, but I can testify that it did fly us to Barcelona!
      Anyway, the same plane was then seen flying back to CPH that afternoon, so my next move will be to check with lost & found here in CPH.

      I'll let you know, if your great help has led us to find the telephone!



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        Nice job Mike , I love it

        Ulf ...düüüse Im Sauseschritt