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    Aircraft deliveries for Tusday 9th November 2010

    L/N 3457 C/N 40756 B737-8HC TC-SNU SUN EXPRESS
    Dep BFI 04:15 PST ETA KEF 19:17z
    Call Sign SXS028 Hex Code 4BCDD5 Sel-Cal PS-AB

    9Y-TJS Boeing 737-8K2(WL) Caribbean Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-7B27 Y186 09-11-2010 Leased from Transavia
    ferried AMS-SMA-POS 09-11-2010 on delivery

    VT-JCR ATR 72-212A Jet Airways 2x PWC PW127M Y62 08-11-2010 ferried TLS-MUC-ESB-DOH-DEL 08 - 09-11-2010 on delivery


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      TC-SNU delivery flight 09-11-2010

      Callsign: SXS028
      Reg: TC-SNU
      Hex: 4BCDD5
      Model: Boeing 737-8HC (B738)
      Airline: Sun Express
      Lat: 61.0833
      Lon: -3.4183
      Altitude: 39000 feet (11887 m)
      Ground speed: 461 knots
      (854 km/h / 531 mph)
      Track: 91°
      Radar: EGPA
      Squawk: 3564


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        Airline deliveries for Wednsday 10th November 2010

        L/N 3461 C/N 39109 B737-7JY BBJ N1TS FIRST VIRTUAL AIR II, LLC
        Dep BFI 09:11 PST Arr BDL 17:05 EST
        Dep BDL 12:40 EST 10th Nov Arr GED 13:24 EST 10th Nov
        Call Sign N1TS Hex Code A001BC
        L/N 3459 C/N 37936 B737-8HO ET-AOA ETHIOPIAN
        Leased from ALAFCO - Aviation Lease and Finance Company
        Dep BFI 11:47 PST ARR IAD 19:16 EST
        ETD IAD 20:06 EST ETA STN 10:17 Local 10th Nov
        Call Sign ETH9201 Hex Code 04003A Sel-Cal HK-AB

        G-LCYN Embraer ERJ-190SR (ERJ-190-100 SR) BA CityFlyer 2x GE CF34-10E5 CY98 09-11-2010 painted in "700th E-Jet" special cs
        ferried SJK-REC-TFS-EXT 09 - 10-11-2010 on delivery

        OK-TVG Boeing 737-8Q8(WL) Sunwing Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-7B26 09-11-2010 Leased from Travel Service
        ferried PRG-YYT-YYZ 09-11-2010 on delivery


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          Aircraft deliveries for Thirsday 11th November 2010

          EI-IXU Airbus A321-112 Alitalia 2x CFMI CFM56-5B2/P CY197 10-11-2010 Piazza della Signoria FIRENZE cvtd A321-111
          Entered into service 11-11-2010 LHR-FCO
          Aviation Photos Airbus A321-112 - 434

          N859NN Boeing 737-823(WL) American Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-7B24 F16Y144 10-11-2010 3GP ferried BFI-ORD 10-11-2010 on delivery

          PH-HZE Boeing 737-8K2(WL) Aeroméxico 2x CFMI CFM56-7B27 11-11-2010 Leased from Transavia
          ferried AMS-KEF-JFK-MEX 11. Nov 2010 on delivery
          Aviation Photos Boeing 737-8K2(WL) - 28377 / 277
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            Aircraft deliveries for Friday 12th November 2010

            LV-CEU Embraer ERJ-190AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) Austral Lineas Aereas C8Y88 12-11-2010 ferried SJK-EZE 12-11-2010 on delivery
            LV-CEV Embraer ERJ-190AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) Austral Lineas Aereas C8Y88 12-11-2010 ferried SJK-EZE 12-11-2010 on delivery
            N382HA Airbus A330-243 Hawaiian Airlines 2x RR Trent 772B-60 F18Y276 11-11-2010 Leased from PAFC
            ferried TLS-HNL 11-11-2010 on delivery
            B-6711 Airbus A321-213 Air China 2x CFMI CFM56-5B2/3 F12Y173 11-11-2010
            VH-XWR Fokker F100 Alliance Airlines 2x RR Tay 650-15 C12Y85 11-11-2010 ferried WOE-TZX-AAN-NAG-PEN-KOE-BNE 11 - 14-11-2010 on delivery


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              Aircraft deliveries for Saturday 13th November 2010

              A6-FDL B737-8KN FlyDubai Delivered L/N 3460 C/N 40239 B737-8KN A6-FDL FLYDUBAI
              Dep BFI 12:30 PST Arr PAE ??:?? PST via YXX
              Call Sign FDB9739 Hex Code 8962B7

              JA620A B767-381ER All Nippon Airways Delivered L/N 3460 C/N 40239 B737-8KN A6-FDL FLYDUBAI
              Dep BFI 12:30 PST Arr PAE ??:?? PST via YXX
              Call Sign FDB9739 Hex Code 8962B7

              VQ-BHN Airbus A320-214 Aeroflot - Russian Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/3 C20Y120 12-11-2010 N. Lobachevsky Leased from BOC
              ferried XFW-SVO 12-11-2010 on delivery

              N507JT Airbus A320-232 JetBlue Airways 2x IAE V2527-A5 Y156 13-11-2010 ferried PGF-MCO 13-11-2010 on delivery
              5A-LAJ Airbus A320-214 Libyan Arab Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/3 CY168 13-11-2010 ferried XFW-BEN 13-11-2010 on delivery
              VT-IGW Airbus A320-232 IndiGo 2x IAE V2527-A5 Y180 13-11-2010 ferried XFW-FJR-DEL 13-11-2010 on delivery
              VH-VGH Airbus A320-232 Jetstar Airways 2x IAE V2527-A5 Y177 12-11-2010 Leased from BOC
              ferried XFW-DXB-SIN 12-11-2010 on delivery
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                Aircraft deliveries for Monday 16th November 2010

                B-16715 B777-35EER EVA Delivered after storage at PAE L/N 810 C/N 33757 B777-35EER B-16715 EVA AIR
                Dep PAE 14:35 PST ETA TPE 20:10z
                Call Sign EVA5715 Hex Code 8990DD

                PP-PJH Embraer ERJ-175LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) TRIP Linhas Aéreas 2x GE CF34-8E5 Y86 13-11-2010 ferried CFE-ACE-SID-REC-CNF 13 - 14-11-2010 on delivery


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                  Aircraft deliveries for Tuesday 16th November 2010
                  D-AIMD Airbus A380-841 Lufthansa 4x RR Trent 970 F8C98Y420 16-11-2010 Tokyo ferried XFW-FRA 16-11-2010 on delivery

                  9M-MXB B737-8H6 Malaysian Airlines Delivered
                  L/N 3458 C/N 40129 B737-8H6 9M-MXB MALAYSIAN AIRLINES
                  Dep BFI 09:50 PST ETA HNL 13:34 HST
                  Call Sign MAS5473 Hex Code 750202 Sel-Cal FP-BL
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                    Aircraft deliveries for Wed 17th November 2010

                    PK-AXO Airbus A320-216 Indonesia AirAsia 2x CFMI CFM56-5B6/3 Y180 16-11-2010 ferried TLS-STN-DXB-BKK-CGK 16 - 11/17/2010 on delivery

                    ET-AOB B737-8HO Ethiopian Delivered L/N 3467 C/N 37937 B737-8HO ET-AOB ETHIOPIAN
                    Leased from ALAFCO - Aviation Lease and Finance Company
                    Dep BFI 13:31 PST ETA IAD 20:28 EST
                    PTD IAD 21:44 EST PTA STN 11:41z on 17th Nov
                    Call Sign ETH9201 Hex Code 04003B

                    JA333J B737-846 JAL Express Delivered L/N 3465 C/N 40348 B737-846 JA333J JAL EXPRESS
                    Dep BFI 14:18 PST ETA HNL 17:56 HST
                    Call Sign JAL8101 Hex Code 85188C
                    N860NN B737-823 American Airlines Delivered
                    L/N 3462 C/N 40583 B737-823 N860NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
                    Dep BFI 10:05 PST ETA ORD 15:26 CST
                    Call Sign AAL9702 Hex Code ABD010
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                      Aircraft deliveries for Thursday 18th November 2010

                      ET-ANN B777-260LR Ethiopian Airlines Delivered
                      L/N 900 C/N 40770 B777-260LR ET-ANN ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES
                      Dep PAE 17:16 PST Arr BFI 17:27 PST
                      Call Sign ETH101 Hex Code 04002F

                      PK-GFK B737-86N Garuda Delivered
                      L/N 3463 C/N 37887 B737-86N PK-GFK GARUDA Lsd GECAS
                      Dep BFI 11:36 PST ETA HNL 15:26 HST
                      Call Sign GIA8011 Hex Code 8A0246

                      B-16716 B777-35EER EVA Air Delivered
                      L/N 822 C/N 32642 B777-35EER B-16716 EVA AIR
                      Dep PAE 11:16 PST ETA TPE 15:44z
                      Call Sign EVA5716 Hex Code 8990DE

                      A6-FDK Boeing 737-8KN(WL) flydubai 2x CFMI CFM56-7B26 Y189 17-11-2010 ferried BFI-YXX-PAE 05-11-2010 for cabin outfitting


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                        aircraft deliveries for 20th November 2010

                        B-5549 B737-86N Shanghai Airlines Delivered
                        L/N 3470 C/N 37888 B737-86N B-5549 SHANGHAI
                        Leased from GECAS - CHINA EASTERN ntu

                        N861NN B737-823 American Airlines Delivered
                        L/N 3468 C/N 31109 B737-823 N861NN AMERICAN AIRLINES
                        Dep BFI 10:14 PST ETA ORD 15:21 CST
                        Call Sign AAL9703 Hex Code ABD3C7

                        VH-VPH B777-3ZGER V australia Delivered
                        L/N 898 C/N 37943 B777-3ZGER VH-VPH V australia
                        Dep PAE 14:30 PST ETA VCV 16:29 PST
                        Call Sign VAU9070 Hex Code 7C6C73 Sel-Cal AQ-GM

                        XA-VOR Airbus A319-132 Volaris 2x IAE V2524-A5 Y144 20-11-2010 Leased from CIT
                        C-GTSN Airbus A330-243 Air Transat 2x RR Trent 772B-60 C20Y343 19-11-2010 Leased from CIT
                        ferried ZRH-YUL 19-11-2010 on delivery

                        EC-JZL Airbus A330-202 Nas Air 2x GE CF6-80E1A4B Y299 19-11-2010 ferried MAD-JED 19-11-2010 on delivery
                        VT-JCU ATR 72-212A Jet Airways 2x PWC PW127M Y62 19-11-2010 ferried TLS-MUC-ESB-DOH-DEL 19. - 20.11.10 on delivery
                        B-18355 Airbus A330-302 China Airlines 2x GE CF6-80E1A4 C36Y277 19-11-2010 Leased from Guggenheim Aviation Partners
                        ferried TLS-TPE 19-11-2010 on delivery


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                          I just read that Lord Sugar us has G-SUGA which is expected for delivery tomorrow, an Embrea legacy 650 first one on the UK registry.


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                            Just wondering if G-SUGA was delivered as i had no info on this being delivered


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                              Aircraft deliveries for Tuesday 23rd November 2010

                              D-AALH B777-FZN Aerologic Delivered
                              L/N 904 C/N 36200 B777-FZN D-AALH AEROLOGIC
                              Leased from Deucalion capital
                              Dep PAE ??:?? PST Arr LEJ ??:??z
                              Call Sign BOX008 Hex Code 3C4588

                              PR-GUE B737-8EH GOL Delivered
                              L/N 3473 C/N 35837 B737-8EH PR-GUE GOL Transportes Aereos
                              Dep BFI 13:44 PST ETA CCS 09:20z
                              Call Sign PRGUE Hex Code E48613

                              JA73ND B737-8FZ Skymark Delivered
                              L/N 3474 C/N 33440 B737-8FZ JA73ND SKYMARK
                              Leased from Babcock & Brown ex Delta order
                              Dep BFI 11:08 PST Arr HNL 14:32 HST
                              Call Sign SKY73ND Hex Code 8681AB

                              SU-GDZ B737-866 Egyptair Delivered
                              L/N 3472 C/N 40759 B737-866 SU-GDZ EGYPTAIR
                              Dep BFI 14:39 PST ETA KEF 05:33z
                              Call Sign MSR3330 Hex Code 010146

                              9M-XXH Airbus A330-343X AirAsia X 2x RR Trent 772B-60 W28Y364 22-11-2010
                              C-GRKB Boeing 737-86Q(WL) Sunwing Airlines 2x CFMI CFM56-7B26 Y189 22-11-2010 Leased from Travel Service Hungary
                              ferried PRG-KEF-YYZ 22-11-2010 on delivery

                              5A-ONL Airbus A320-214 Afriqiyah Airways 2x CFMI CFM56-5B4/3 C16Y126 23-11-2010
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                                Today I spotted A320 for LAN Airlines (CC-BAE #4509) on delivery flight, landning on LPA for refueling.
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