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Ninoy Aquino Intl. Airport NAIA Manila, Philippines. Spotting with FILDAC group.

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  • Ninoy Aquino Intl. Airport NAIA Manila, Philippines. Spotting with FILDAC group.

    My name is Jay, and I live in Copenhagen. I am a photographer, taking photos of everything, including conference, wedding, animal as well as people. lol. and to spice up my life, I do shoot photos of Heavy Metal too.

    I'v finally had some time to edit some of my photos from my trip to Manila in July.
    I'll go straight to the action. Enjoy the photos from Manila Airport.

    There was a decent traffic, but the traffic could be better, I team'd up with FILDAC members on this crappy Cloudy day, had a very short rendezvous at the Philippine Air Force Museum, had a wonderful lunch with the spotters, two of the guys (Plankton - W900 member) working for 5J Engineering. Had a 30 mins access to the ramp, but we were told not to take pictures.

    On the way to our rendezvous point at PAF Museum at the Villamore base, I spotted these LOWBEDs carrying 4x CF6-80s, snaking its way to the LTP area.

    Malaysia B738 on a takeoff roll down the active runway 06.

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    ZestAir Z60

    Our position sadly included the wire fence in frame, we were a group of 8, standing on a side road to a main road, so no ladder's allowed here (to avoid attention)

    Full body shot of SQ Heavy.


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          This A343 performing a late turn into act. rwy 06


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                And last but not least, a photo of the Terminal, unobstructed by planes or anything else.

                Hope you guys enjoyed the photos, please send some comments or critics. :-)


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                  I also spot in MNL, from where did you take these pictures?


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                    Hey TonyV.

                    This was during my visit in the Philippines.
                    I had my FILDAC friends on a spotting tour, and we on these shots stood on Kalingin Road, just parallel to the entire runway, only this spot makes a good location as up the road along the runway moves further away.


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                      The wall there is quite high and there are a lot of traffic on that narrow street!


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