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exCIA rendition plane VH-CCC

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  • exCIA rendition plane VH-CCC

    The CIA are reputed to operate planes, mostly executive jets, to transport terrorism suspects to non-American locations like Guantanamo for imprisonment, torture etc etc. The process is known as rendition and a Google search will turn up heaps of info including links to several media stories that have been done in various countries.

    One of these planes, a Gulfstream (VH-CCC), is presently owned by the Crown Casino Group in Australia and is used to ferry high rolling gamblers from Asia to the group's casinos in Melbourne and Queensland. It can be seen on FR24 from time to time. Like many executive jets it flies very high (around 43000) with a rarely seen red trail on FR24. I just spotted it again enroute from the Gold Coast to Singapore and thought I'd share its story.