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3 aircraft turning back to the states?

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  • 3 aircraft turning back to the states?

    hi,just noticed that 3 of tonights transatlantic flights are turning back to the states,all 3 are about 250kms out from newfoundland.....
    united 124,united74,and lufthansa 427 ?? anybody know why? oh now monarch 328 is also turning back! now klm48 has turned back too ???
    am listining to boutilierrs point nova scotia (hf)...... to see if i can find out united 96 is turning back aswell...does anybody know witch us frequency or canidian one you should listen to,that (like shannon high)that guides them out to the atlantic tracks?
    ps sorry about the newbie questions folks..
    im starting to think its some kind of fault on fr24 because monarch 328 has reappered on track again!
    baw 212 and baw 174 are heading back..and klm 48?...confused is me....
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    I think it's a software glitch. I'm assuming you're seeing the FAA feed (orange planes) and I have seen the same on Flightaware.
    Radarstation KGVL


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      cheers,ln-moe... they all called into shannon controll as normal a couple of hours later so it was the (orange feed) from the faa glitching as you guessed...i work nites here and listen to the aircraft call in to shannon most mornings...keeps me company ...increadible how many flights cross the pond every day, a few of them fly directly overhead to bank into dublin airport from where i am,killiney waypoint just south of the city...always a pleasure to watch.... keep the faith,cheers d.